Tell Us Your Story: Devin Towne


Devin Towne is looking forward to his role as Jesus in Sacred Heart’s production of “Jesus Christ Superstar.” Photo courtesy of Sacred Heart University Theater Arts Program.

By Anna Finn

Staff Reporter

You might recognize this week’s feature story from the Sacred Heart University’s Theatre Arts Program.

Devin Towne is a junior originally from Saratoga Springs, N.Y. He has been contributing to the campus community in more ways than one.

Towne is currently rehearsing as the starring lead role in the spring production of “Jesus Christ Superstar.”

“This production follows the life of Jesus throughout the last seven days of his life, with a modern approach to it,” said Towne.

To prepare himself for his upcoming role as Jesus, he has thrown away his preconceived notions of the passion story. He has spent time with the directors and cast members breaking down the internal struggle Jesus underwent during the last seven days of his life.

“Not only am I focusing on what he was feeling during certain moments, but why,” said Towne.

Towne is ecstatic to be portraying this role. He hopes that the audience leaves the performance being able to empathize with and relate to Jesus more than ever before.

“This show highlights a side of the biblical story that is often overlooked,” said Towne.

Weekday rehearsals can last around three to four hours while weekend rehearsals can last from seven to 10 hours.

“Lots of behind the scenes work goes into each production but that is what we need in order to bring the show to life on opening night,” said Towne.

Aside from his involvement in the theatre, Towne is also a Senior Resident Success Assistant (SRSA) and the president of Build On, a Nonprofit Chapter at Sacred Heart.

Towne has been a SRSA for the past two years and thinks it has been great for him.

“It has allowed me the opportunity to enhance my leadership skills and work together with a group of fellow RSAs toward a common goal of ensuring the success and safety of our residents,” said Towne.

Even during his off-time, Towne still likes to make sure he makes the most of his time.

For this year’s spring break, he traveled to Des Moines, Iowa for a Habitat for Humanity service trip.

In addition to his involvement on campus, he is able to manage majoring in Exercise Science with minors in biology and chemistry.

“It takes lots of long nights and a very full and colorful planner,” said Towne.

With his major and minors, Towne hopes to become a physician assistant.

Following graduation, Towne plans on taking a gap year back home to get clinical hours and apply for physician assistant schools.

With being involved in so much on campus, Towne does not get much down time for himself. However, it doesn’t phase him.

“I wouldn’t change my involvements for anything,” said Towne.


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