Tell Us Your Story: Sam MacPherson


Sophomore Sam Macpherson shows off his love for music. Photo by Tessa Kielbasa/Spectrum.

By Peter Ciocca

Staff Reporter

Sophomore Sam MacPherson, an aspiring musician, was a member of the Division I soccer team at Sacred Heart University. His father and brother are both musicians, and Sam seems to be following in their footsteps.

MacPherson was on the team for the past two years. He gained his passion for soccer from his grandfather who played professionally in Italy.

Recently he has decided to take his focus away from the sport and pursue a music career.

“Music and soccer have been two really big parts of my life, but I am kind of ready for music to solely take over,” said MacPherson.

He is part of a duo at home and often does performances at Sacred Heart.

“Soccer is probably going to be limited but it will always be something I love and enjoy. Music is something I want to do and pursue as a career,” said MacPherson.

He writes the lyrics in all of his music, and he also produces his own music videos.

“Pursuing music as a career is a scary thing because a lot of people always question that career choice; but I think the first step in achieving a career in music is knowing that you actually want to go after that career,” said MacPherson

Being in a duo with his best friend from home is a great experience for him. Although they attend two different schools, they do come together as if they were never separated.

“As of right now it is just me in the studio recording my own stuff and putting stuff out there on my own, but when we get together we make songs as a band,” he said.

The process of writing his own music is therapeutic for him.

“It is a way for me to express a lot of things on my mind and is my way of getting it out there. It provides a relaxing and goofy environment, while doing something I love,” said MacPherson.

He loved being on the team with a great group of guys but it turned out it was just was not his thing.

Be sure to check out MacPherson’s profile on SoundCloud at, as he has some new song releases as well as an album coming out soon.

“As of last night I released a song called ‘In Their Own,’ which you can find on my SoundCloud under my name. My EP, which is pretty much a shortened album, is going to follow which is what I’ve been doing in the studio recording,” said MacPherson.


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