The Effect of Coronavirus on College Admissions

By Sam Lodato
Staff Reporter

Do you remember all the factors that went into deciding which university you wanted to attend? Imagine making that choice in the midst of a pandemic.  

“The coronavirus has made making a college decision far more difficult for me. Rather than being able to visit a campus and speak to students and advisors I have to take virtual tours and make conference calls. This has made the experience feel less monumental and has increased the stress I feel during this important time,” said Holy Trinity High School senior Sophie Mazza.  

Despite every effort not to, Sacred Heart University Undergraduate Admissions had to cancel all Spring Prospective Student Days and campus visits until further notice.  

All prospective students have been notified by the Admissions staff of the recent changes.  

“We are hosting two live 30-minute information sessions with Q&A at 10am and 2pm each weekday.  Moreover, admission counselors are promoting individual Q&A sessions with prospective students and families via phone, Facetime or WebEx,” said Sacred Heart University Executive Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Pam Pillo.  

Additionally, there are filmed walking tours online for Sacred Heart’s main campus, West Campus and the Center for Healthcare Education.  

“I have been really pleased with the entire university’s efforts transitioning online,” said Senior Vice President of Enrollment, Student Affairs and Athletics, Jim Barquinero.  

The Admissions Department has transitioned all Admitted Student Days to interactive livestreams. The staff is making every effort to maintain a personal connection with accepted students during this transition.  

“Rob Gilmore, myself, our College Deans, Associate Deans, faculty, staff and even a few current students and alumni actively participated. We received exceptional feedback regarding the information shared about our academic programs, curriculums and outcomes, which is critical for helping families make their college choice,” said Pillo.  

“I think a lot of our students can think back to when they were high school seniors, we were recruiting them seeking those who would want the academic and intellectual experience as well as something outside the classroom that has meaning to them or something new, But somehow engaged in multiple ways,” said Barquinero 

“My advice for seniors in high school facing this decision during these troubling times would be to educate yourself about SHU as much as possible through the school website and club social media pages,” said freshman Gianna Fucci.  

Sacred Heart University is a caring and student centered community. It is committed to student transformation and growth academically, socially, and personally,” said university president Dr. John Petillo.

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