Theta Phi Alpha Mid-Year Recruitment


BY Mary Kaczmarski

Staff Reporter

Theta Phi Alpha is currently holding their mid-year recruitment in hopes of welcoming more girls into their sorority.

The Gamma Rho chapter was founded at Sacred Heart University in 2009. Theta Phi Alpha’s national philanthropy is hunger and homelessness awareness. The Gamma Rho’s local philanthropy includes disability awareness. The chapter works closely with the Bridgeport Rescue Mission and Dylan’s Wings of Change.

“Spring recruitment is different from fall because we recruit informally,” said sophomore Lindsey Rosania, recruitment and public relations chair for Theta Phi Alpha.

Informal recruitment is less strict and is less of a time commitment. Another big difference is that, unlike formal recruitment, potential new members are not required to visit every sorority; only the one that they are interested in that is holding an informal recruitment.

According to, “The sisters of Theta Phi Alpha strive to increase numbers with women that uphold our values of justice, wisdom, faith, truth, honor, and loyalty.”

Sororities are not required to host mid-year recruitment; it is up to them. Theta Phi Alpha has always held both fall and spring recruitment.

“Theta Phi Alpha nationally recruits all-year-round to provide constant opportunity for women to find a place in greek life,” said junior Alexis McCartney, president of Theta Phi Alpha.

Mid-year recruitment is more informal and gives potential new members more time to think about their desire to become involved in a sorority. Some potential new members may find mid-year recruitment less overwhelming than formal fall recruitment because it is shorter and less people are involved.

“We believe the fall may not be the best time for someone to join a sorority,” Rosania said. “It can be a lot coming into freshman year and jumping right into a sorority.”

“Going through mid-year recruitment allowed me to see what Theta Phi was all about, and they are super friendly and caring; they are a very well-knit group and I’m glad I got to experience that,” said freshman Amanda Meza, a potential new member.

Theta Phi Alpha is hosting multiple events for potential new members to come and meet their sisters. Among these events includes a game night, a pizza party and a paint night. You may also find them doing table times in the main academic hallway outside the Market.

“Theta Phi Alpha looks for women who are compassionate, loyal and driven, and who strive to be the best version of themselves,” said McCartney.

“We look for motivated, genuine, enthusiastic ladies who will become leaders and role models within our organization,” said Rosania.

The sisters of Theta Phi Alpha feel like their organization is their home away from home and each and every one of their sisters has a special friendship that will stay with them forever.

“I went through recruitment in Sep. 2018 as a freshman and joined because I felt like I could be the most genuine version of myself with the sisters of Theta Phi Alpha,” said Rosania.

McCartney said, “I joined Theta Phi Alpha in the fall of 2017 because this organization felt like my home away from home.”

According to, “Each organization was created for the betterment of the greater community and human development and the Gamma Rho chapter strives to increase the change with as much support as we can give.”


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