Wake Up With Daylight


By Leah Zinsky

Staff Reporter

The Daylight Morning Show is a morning talk show that is produced by Professor Greg Golda’s CM225 Advanced Multimedia Productions class.

The show is filmed between the hours of 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. every Tuesday in the Martire Center for Business and Communications.

The content covered on “Daylight” is all about current events on the Sacred Heart University campus.

Topics range from Greek Life events and fundraisers to sporting events and theatre performances.

“It’s a great learning experience that prepares me for the career I want in the future once I receive my communications degree,” said junior Mary Harding.

The class has 10 students in it and meets once a week. During class time, the class works together as a group with Professor Golda to come up with a concept for the show that week.

Outside the classroom, the students communicate with Professor Golda in a group chat to talk about what needs to be done or changed from their ideas in class in preparation for the next show.

“Although I’m on camera, it also teaches me techniques for being behind the camera as well, which I wouldn’t have thought about doing before,” said Harding.

Each student in the class has a different role, whether it be in front of the camera, behind the camera, writing the script, or set decorating.

The class agreed that coming up with a creative theme for the episode is one of the hardest parts.

Professor Golda gives the writers a list of what he wants, then the script gets written and read over by him. Once it is approved, they film the show.

The episode that aired on March 1 covered some campus events like the White Ribbon Campaign and The Hunger Project. It also has a spring break theme, where we heard about the Sacred Heart community’s plans for their spring break.

The idea for “Daylight” was inspired by the show “Spotlight,” which was a coffee house musical for Sacred Heart students and staff a few years ago.

Following “Spotlight” was a show called “Night Light,” with musical guests and comedy.

“Daylight,” started its first season last fall.

It was such a hit that they carried on the show into this semester.

Some of the students in the class were unaware of the two previous shows before coming into this class.

“When Professor Golda told us that we would be doing ‘Daylight,’ I wanted to help make it our very own show and do something different than the first time, instead of making it a carbon copy,” said senior James Harnett.

Each position for the show changes for each episode, so every student has the opportunity to try any part of the production of the show.

“The second-semester class had a magic touch on the first episode, it was really funny,” said Professor Golda.

The students even create a sneak peek that’s a few minutes longer to tell the viewers what to expect in the upcoming episodes.

“Generally, I’m a pretty upbeat guy and I like making people laugh and smile so if I can bring news and comedy into one then it works,” said junior Ryan Conway.

Coming into the class, the students knew barely anything about what to expect and didn’t know that they would be part of a show.

“I basically write any story, and then when I think of something remotely funny, I expand on it and it just comes to me,” said Conway.

If anyone is interested in watching the show, they can find episodes of Daylight on YouTube under WHRT TV or at www.whrtv.weebly.com.

The next episode is scheduled to air on March 21.


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