He Said, She Said: Professional Sports vs. College Sports


By: Ryan Touhey

Sports Editor

When it comes to watching sporting events, I personally prefer watching professional sports over collegiate sports, the reason being that professionals are the best of the best, and it’s the highest caliber of competition you’re able to lay your eyes on.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do genuinely enjoy college sports, especially college basketball. In fact, I feel that college basketball players give it their all more than the pros do.

However, I also prefer professional sports because of the scenery. There’s nothing like walking into a professional venue and soaking up the atmosphere surrounding it. Now, the crowd is a different story, because usually the size and energy of a home team’s fan-base depends on how the team is doing.

This is also where I’ll give college sports their due. I feel that their fans are more connected with the team and stick with them no matter how well or poor they’ve played during a season. I also feel that more fans are able to relate to college athletes than pro athletes because more people can say they went to a specific college rather than played for a specific professional sports team.

But the mystique and aura of professional sports franchises is what separates the two. Professional stadiums such as Fenway Park, Wrigley Field, Soldier Field and Lambeau Field have so much history and you feel like you go through a time machine and relive all of the memories that have occurred. It always gives people a reason to come back each year.

Now there are some college stadiums and arenas that have a lot of history behind them such as Michigan Stadium and Cameron Indoor Stadium (home of the Duke Blue Devils basketball teams). But I just feel that the home territories for the pros are more stylish and impressive with their unique interior and exterior designs.

I also tend to lean towards watching pro sports because, well, I just do. I’d be much more interested in seeing a baseball game between the Yankees and Red Sox or a football game between the Giants and Cowboys, rather than sitting and watching two schools that I have no affiliation with whatsoever battle it out.

That’s the thing with college sports. Yes, I feel that you’re able to closely relate to the athletes more because you both attended the same institution, but that’s only for your school. You aren’t as easily able to go to another game and feel as much excitement as you did with your alma matter.

And speaking of alma matter, I know fans of college teams want their school to do well in athletics. However, there are so many teams in this country that it’s nearly impossible to get your hopes up too high.

There are too many perennial powerhouse colleges in certain sports that continuously are atop the mountain each and every year. And they stay there because of the reputation they’ve built up and it leads to more recruits coming in each year to fill any voids.

With professional sports and drafts, each team has the ability to turn their fortunes around within the course of one season. Every year is a new beginning for a team, but I feel professional sports teams have a better chance at improving than collegiate sports do.

So overall, when it comes to watching sports, I’ll stick with the professionals.


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