He Said, She Said: Texting vs. Calling


BY Roberto Rojas

Asst. Perspectives Editor

I think throughout my life, I’ve always been a bit of an introvert as opposed to an extrovert. Now, I wouldn’t say that would be either a good or bad thing, but when it comes to certain things, I feel as if doing the simpler things in life are much better for me than going all-out. So when it comes to texting and talking on the phone, I would have to pick the former over the latter.

I think texting makes us more accessible. We have the ability to contact anyone we please at the palms of our hands. Trying to speak to whomever we want is easier via a text – or even on any type of social media, to be fair. I think when you want to speak to someone in-person, it’s so different because you’re able to open up much more and try to express yourself in a way that via texting isn’t possible. I think speaking to someone on the phone should only be for certain occasions, such as something urgent, like a job interview, or if you’re in a relationship and want to speak to your significant other. When I do talk to my friends on the phone, it’s usually to remind them I’m at a certain location, but even then, I would still prefer texting because of its simplicity. I’m not against talking on the phone, by all means, but I think it’s better to text someone to hang out or talk about certain things. I think this because our generation has become so used to it, it’s become second nature for us to text someone rather than call them. It may seem basic, but I think speaking on the phone should be reserved for special and more important moments, which wouldn’t be as simple to express like via texting.


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