He Said, She Said: Texting vs. Calling


BY Angelina Di Nota

Asst. Public Relations & Social Media Manager

Pick up the phone, give them a call. It’ll go a long way. In my opinion, a text message doesn’t do much. You could text anyone. It has no meaning or emotion put behind it. A phone call could make that one single person’s day. There is nothing in life like being able to hear someone’s voice that you haven’t seen in an extremely long time.

Being that I am a college student, I know that my mom appreciates a phone call much more than a simple text. Texting is just impersonable. Think about the person on the other line, their emotions and what they’re feeling. A facetime works, too. You get to see their face. But for some, like my grandparents, they don’t have iPhones and have access to video chatting their grandchildren while we are away at college. They will always finish a phone call with saying, “Thank you for thinking of us. I loved hearing your voice.” It always makes their day. I’m one of those people that simply just enjoy the comfort of hearing my loved ones voices.

The human quality to communication is lost over text. You forget how to communicate with other people while using your voice. Sometimes picking up the phone and giving a call will even get the point you are trying to make get across more quickly. It is a more effective way of communicating with individuals under any given circumstance. In this day and age, people would much rather just shoot a text to the person that they have to get in contact with. But that just doesn’t make much sense to me. Why waste your time typing it out, waiting for a response, and not even getting a full understanding as to the point someone is attempting to make?

How about those people who have their phones on “Do Not Disturb”? Those people won’t even receive a notification that you texted them until they open their phone. If something is urgent, two phone calls will let the phone call go through even if the recipient’s phone is on that setting. Getting in contact with someone during a very serious event is crucial. Even if the phone is on vibrate, there is still an ongoing vibration when calling that could potentially get the person’s attention. A text message will only vibrate once.

So, pick up the phone. Give them a call. You’ll miss those voices one day; I promise that.


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