She Said: Are You On Line or In Line?


By Giovanna Gatto

Managing Editor

Hello and welcome to this week’s pressing He Said, She Said discussion.

First off, if you are reading this on the Internet I would like to thank you for going ONLINE to our website.

Secondly, if you have picked up the paper while IN LINE at JP’s diner, then you have made a great decision in supporting your campus wide source for anything and everything that is poppin’.

If you have not picked up on my subtle clues already, this week Anthony and I are taking a stab at a personal pet peeve of mine, On line vs. In line.

Now I know some of you are thinking, “Hmm, Giovanna is this really all that important?” My response to that is, why yes, yes it is.

This argument is one that I am not only embarrassingly passionate about but it is also something that I feel has a right and wrong answer.

With most of the He Said, She Said topics, I strive be open minded about my counterpart’s take on the situation. Yet, today is the day that I put an end to a true grammar epidemic.

Picture this, you are IN line at Linda’s waiting for some chicken tenders and fries. It is 11 o’clock at night and all you want to do is peacefully enjoy your 5th meal of the day.

Now, in this moment you are third IN line and someone walks up to the person in front of you and whispers, “Yo, let me stand “on” line with you.”

Now you should be infuriated for three reasons.

First you now have to wait longer to get your food. Second, someone has just cut in front of you IN line and that is very inconsiderate. Last and most importantly, this buffoon has now has claimed a placed “on” line.

Keep in mind that this is physically impossible unless they are referring to accessing the Internet ONLINE because while standing you are filed IN a line and not on it. With hopes to clear up any confusion about their place IN line.

My first instinct would be to tap them on the shoulder and inform them that if they wish to stand IN line then they must proceed to the back.

Instead I bite my tongue and watch as they take the last chicken tenders of the night. As they fade a way to the sauce station, I am left IN line even more passionate about this growing issue in our society.

This concern can be solved if people are aware of the correct way to address line standing. Now, this argument can be convoluted to fit several opinions and situations. However, it is pertinent to keep in mind some important grammatical rules when discussing the topic.

When going ONLINE to the grammatical answer is clear. If you are to search for the definition of the word line and scroll to the 73rd use subsection e, is states:

73. i.e. waiting one behind the other in a queue:

There were eight people in line at the teller’s window.

I believe that my case here is closed.

While some stubborn fools may still stand behind their beliefs, I kindly invite any opposing opinions AKA Anthony to consider my evidence as a reason to change their ways.

I fully understand that this will be a change to your regular language but this little adjustment will cause your life and my life to improve drastically.

Also, go Eagles!


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