Coronavirus report from Argentina

By Julian Pedrouzo
Staff Writer

The coronavirus has impacted millions of lives all around the world with more than 520,000 cases worldwide that resulted in more than 23,000 deaths, and the numbers just keep growing by the minute. 

Even though Argentina’s case is not as bad as the U.S., the country is still suffering the consequences of the virus. National Quarantine was declared on March 20 and is expected to finalize on April 3. 

The punishment for those who break the quarantine is stated to be a monetary fine on top of the possible 14 days to a year in prison. 

“It is crucial for all citizens to stay at home. This is a matter of Public Health where the repercussions could be extensive and it is in the responsibility of every citizen to be able to flatten the curve and allow the Health System and the professionals to work on saving lives,” said President Alberto Fernandez. 

Personally, I found my quarantine situation to not be as bad as I thought it was going to be. Luckily enough, a very good friend of mine was returning from the U.S. two days after me, which allowed us to quarantine together, and have some company during these tough times. 

Is it still boring and mentally draining? Yes, of course. But we have decided to make the best of it and use our time to learn and cross stuff out of our bucket list. For me a big one was to learn how to play the guitar, and with all this time in my hands, I have actually made some progress in the last couple of days. 

Training has also been a big part of our daily routine, both of us being baseball players and therefore using stuff around the house to create our own in-home workouts to pass time and stay healthy and in shape for the upcoming season. 

According to “Infobae,” there are currently 387 cases in the nation and that number is expected to keep growing. Also, more than 80% of the cases in the country are people under the age of 60, with 63 people already cured and placed in quarantine to avoid a re-fall. 

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