Coronavirus Tri-State Update

By Elizabeth Kalfayan
Staff Writer

The coronavirus has been affecting many parts of the world. It is the topic that is being covered by the media everywhere. The tri-state area is no exception, especially since New York is one of the hardest hit states.

As of April 21, more than 20,000 deaths have been reported in the tri-state area. Most of these (about 15,000) have been in New York, and more than two-thirds of the deaths in New York have been in New York City. Fortunately, this statistic is but a fraction of the number of confirmed cases in the city, and the mortality rate remains low — the vast majority of patients are recovering.

Junior Danielle Provenzano is from Kings Park, N.Y., and is very nervous to leave her house or even have deliveries shipped to her.  

“Some people are not following the rules. From home, we can hear the cops making announcements for them to leave the beach,” said Provenzano.  

New Jersey is another state that has a high number of individuals diagnosed with and died from COVID-19. As of April 21, there have been over 92,000 confirmed cases. There have also been over 4,700 confirmed deaths in New Jersey from COVID-19.  

Junior Beth Turello lives in New Jersey and has seen many people in her town helping each other out in this time of need.  

“Since I’m from a small town, there are a lot of local businesses that people have been supporting more than usual,” said Turello. “Neighbors have also been helping each other out in any way they can, which has also been great.”  

Connecticut has fared much better, with just over 20,000 confirmed cases, and only about 1,500 deaths. Most of these are in Fairfield County; New Haven County has been hit second hardest in the state so far.

Junior Kamryn Desrosiers is from northern Connecticut and she tries to stay inside as much as she can.  

“I feel safe right now, but I’m also just being very cautious about what I’m doing,” said Desrosiers.  

All three states have implemented curfews and are requiring stores close by 8 p.m. These states are also discouraging any night travel between the hours of 8 p.m. and 5 a.m.  

On April 15, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio began to advise grocery stores to have their customers cover their faces while in the store shopping. This is to help protect the customers as well as employees. Stores in Connecticut and New Jersey have also followed suit.

Many stores in the tri-state area are having only one family member enter the store at a time to shop in order to encourage social distancing.  

In an effort to slow the spread of the virus, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has issued a stay-at-home order for another month, to end on May 15 at the earliest.

Schools as well as non-essential stores in New Jersey and Connecticut will remain closed until mid-May at the earliest.   

“I wish people would follow the rules that are set in place for us because even though it may not hurt me, it can really hurt my family members,” said Provenzano. 

The Associated Press contributed to this article.

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