Evolution and Creation Theology Colloquium


By Angelina DiNota

Staff Reporter

 On Wednesday, Jan. 31 at 7pm, Roger Haight, an American Jesuit Theologian and Scholar in Resident at the Union Theological Seminary, spoke as part of the Sacred Heart Curtis Center’s Contemporary Catholic Conversations.
His speech entitled, Evolution and Creation Theology, spanned the differences and parallels these two modes of thought bring forth.
“I want to appeal to Christian theology of creation,” said Haight. “In order to address some of the questions that evolution poses to faith. The point of this address is to show how faith and science do not compete with each other and can be friends.”
“He asks the big questions,” said religious studies professor Mary Luongo when asked about Haight’s address. “It’s the questions that we all ask, and he spoke to that. In terms of what I hear in class, in myself and what we emphasize; he is simplistic. [God is] not the kind of reality that we understand, cause if He were He wouldn’t be God”.
According to the University’s website, the mission of Sacred Heart “is to educate the whole person while preparing students to lead and serve in the world today.”
“University is a place of inviting discussion but not always agreeing” said Haight.  “Francis Clooney, an American Jesuit Roman Catholic priest and scholar in the teachings of Hinduism, doesn’t agree with everything I say, but in fact in theology we should be able to participate in discussion. Silence is one thing being silenced is another” said Haight.
All of the values that the university uses to guide the students operates practices, business strategies and cultural norms.
Sophomore Alyssa Brown said, “I wasn’t expecting him to speak about God in the way he did and the way he described the relationship between evolution and creation theory. The idea of God was very profound to me. It has definitely made me think more than I have about it in the past”.
“Do we understand ourselves as a species, by looking backwards and seeing where we came from? Creation is God creating out of nothing” said Haight. “I approach the topic [of evolution]as a Christian theologian and not as a scientist.
“Language about God is both simple and enormously complicated,” said Haight.  “Evolution helps us to clarify our conception of what God is and what God does.”

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