My COVID-19 Experience


By Bryan Casey
Staff Reporter

It cannot be denied that coronavirus has  impacted every person in some way. From high school seniors  upset that they won’t be going to prom, to the grandparents at home that are fearful of the future. 

Even college students were  affected, leading us to be sent home and have all of our classes converted to a new online platform.  

This has been a shock for us, and I know many have been having trouble finding inspiration to do work and convert  their  daily routines.  

I think it is important to take advantage of this quarantine period to grow closer to one’s family.  

My father, being an educator, is also unable to go to work due to this virus. So, he asked me if I would be willing to teach him how to play guitar. Of course I agreed, and every morning we sit down together to play.  

While it has only been a few days, we are both benefiting from these lessons. I am retaining my skills through practice, and my father is acquiring new skills. Also, most importantly, these lessons are leading us to establish a routine which does not focus on staring at a screen or  lying  in bed. 

Establishing a routine is so crucial because it gives you a task or goal to accomplish, and a reason to actually get out of bed. So, if  my father learns a new chord tomorrow, we have accomplished a goal. Or,  if I come up with a new teaching strategy, I have accomplished a task.  

It’s okay  that these goals are small, I think it is necessary to focus on the smaller things in life during quarantine.  It is also a goal of mine to  attempt to grow closer to the ones we love at home, because we are away from the ones we love at school.  



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