Oakwood Apartments Available Again For Sacred Heart Student Housing

Oakwood apartments, home of many Sacred Heart upperclassmen. Photo by Nicole Croteau/Spectrum.

Oakwood apartments, home of many Sacred Heart upperclassmen. Photo by Nicole Croteau/Spectrum.

On March 1, we reported that the Oakwood apartments were no longer available for Sacred Heart housing, and that “the residential hall was longer affiliated with Sacred Heart,” said Joel Quintong, Residential Life Director.

**As of Wednesday, March 15th Sacred Heart University’s Residential Life sent an email out to the university that the Oakwood apartments are now available again for student housing. 

Below is their official statement:

“Dear Students,

We are happy to announce that after recent negotiations with the ownership of the Oakwood Apartments, we have come to an agreement that apartments at Oakwood will be available as SHU Housing. Here is what we are able to share at the moment:
* The deadline to place a housing deposit has been extended to Tuesday March 21, to accommodate any student who wishes to have an opportunity to live in Oakwood but otherwise would not have prior to this decision. Any student who has not deposited will have an opportunity to place a deposit with Student Accounts by noon on March 21 for inclusion in the Lottery. As a reminder, deposits may only be made via cash or check payable to Sacred Heart University. Debit/Credit/SHU cards cannot be used no payments can be made over the phone.
* The Oakwood apartments available to SHU students through Residential Life selection will be 1BR apartments occupied by 2 same-gender Rising Juniors and/or Rising Seniors.
* Oakwood Apartments will be available either through the Special Needs Housing Process or through the General Selection phase of Housing selection via the Lottery. There is no option for squatting or other pre-selection applications.
* Please note that students who wish to live in Oakwood will need to go through the ordinary general selection procedures which include: depositing, matching with a roommate, and attempting for selection if available on their designated date/time of picking. Oakwood will be an option, just as any other housing option open to Rising Juniors and Rising Seniors.
In the coming days, an updated Housing Amenities Chart will be available that reflects the pertinent information pertaining to Oakwood.
If you have any other questions, please contact our office.
Thank you,
Residential Life”



Other available housing options for upperclassmen students will be Toussaint, the Ridge, Taft and Pioneer Gardens.


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