Professor DeNisco Publishes Fourth Textbook


By Celia Zevon
Staff Reporter

Sacred Heart professor Susan DeNisco recently published the fourth edition of her nursing textbook, “Advanced Nursing Practice: Essential Knowledge for the Profession.”

According to the university’s website, over 300 nursing programs have adopted the textbook, in addition to Sacred Heart’s graduate nursing program. The textbook was released in print by publishers Jones and Bartlett in October 2019 and is separated into six parts with a total of 31 chapters, according to DeNisco. 

“This book encompasses several new topics including: new information on big data, health-care business, writing for publication and strategic career planning,” said DeNisco.

DeNisco is not only a professor, but also the Director of Family Nurse Practitioner and Doctor of Nursing Practice Program. According to Sacred Heart’s website, DeNisco was inducted as a fellow in the American Academy of Nursing Practitioners, a nurse practitioner network formed in 2013, for her contributions as a family nurse practitioner.

Prior to this textbook, the first and second editions were titled “Advanced Practice Nursing: Evolving Roles for the Transformation of the Profession.” The first edition was edited by the retired professor Anne Barker, EdD, who also mentored DeNisco on her process of writing editions two and three of the textbook.

When asked why she chose to take on the task of writing a fourth edition, DeNisco said that the students she instructs and faculty members she mentors for inspire her to do so.

“Being present in the moment and always trying to give my best self is important. I want to leave a legacy behind for all aspiring and current advanced practice nurses; I have been passionate about my career for over 30 years. I feel a sense of responsibility to ‘pay it forward’ to the future generations of advanced practice nurses.”

DeNisco said that when writing a textbook, you must have an idea that allows you to brainstorm with colleagues. You also must have a book editor who can help form a book proposal that will get accepted.

“Recruiting experts to write chapters is also key,” said DeNisco. “In this edition, several SHU faculty, Michelle Cole, Kerry Milner and Christina Gunther, are chapter authors. The most exciting part is when you reach the point where you can select a book cover design! It takes nearly two years from start to finish. I spent many hours in a quiet place researching, reflecting and writing.”

The six parts of this textbook are Professional Nursing Practice, Health Care Delivery and Health Policy for Advanced Practice: Core Knowledge; Quality, Safety and Information Systems for Advanced Practice Nurses; Theoretical Foundations; Research and Evidence Based Practice; The Role of Race, Culture, Ethics, and Advocacy in Advanced Nursing Practice; and Leadership and Role Transition for Advanced Nursing Practice. The material covered provides a powerful foundation for aspiring nurse practitioners, according to the university’s website.

“I would like to remember my friend and former college of nursing colleague, the late Dr. Julie Stewart. She and I published two editions of another textbook, entitled Role Development for the Nurse Practitioner. I will continue to keep her nursing legacy alive through this publication and she will be sitting on my shoulder as I write it,” said DeNisco.


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