SCMA Student Photography Exhibit


By Angelina DiNota

Staff Reporter

On Thursday, March 1, at 4 p.m., selected students in the School of Communications and Media Arts (SCMA) were recognized at the student photography exhibit. The exhibit is located in The Frank and Marisa Martire Business & Communications Center on the second floor, within the communications office suite.   

Photos of students work from the Fall 2017 semester were sanctioned by Richard Falco the Coordinator of Multimedia Journalism, along with classmates and other professors within the SCMA.

“These photographs are a way in which I can express the special uniqueness found in every human being that I meet,” said sophomore Natalie Moncada. “My goal is to show people just how organically beautiful they are.”

Moncada’s ten portraits show people posing in a variety of environments, to showcase each individual.   

“A big part of going out and doing these portraits, has been driven by my desire and passion to get to know the nature of their personalities,” said Moncada.

Students who are a part of the SCMA can take their personal interests from outside of school and bring them to the classroom to explore.

Sophomore Paxton McLean’s and sophomore Jake Doble’s five photograph exhibits highlight the work which goes into creating a theater arts production.

McLean said, “Recently I have been able to work backstage. I have been able to realize how much goes into a production that not many other people are able to see from the outside perspective.”  McLean’s exhibit focuses in on the behind the scenes technical aspects of rehearsals and set builds, which go into creating a show. Doble’s exhibit tells a story which features the actors. “I wanted to capture the focus and drive of these actors needed to have to put on a great performance,” said Doble.

Falco credits part of student’s success and artistic exploration to ‌The Frank and Marisa Martire Business & Communications Center.

“The fact of this new building, the Martire building, shows who were are as to media. We have moved into the highest tier, as to prepare students for their careers,” said Falco. “The facility is top notch.”

According to the Sacred Heart University website, The Frank and Marisa Martire Business & Communications Center opened in 2015 and cost $50 million to construct.

“We have students that end up producing really amazing content and I want to give them the opportunity to showcase it,” said Falco.

“Even the students that aren’t a part of the exhibition, they see the work and it inspires them. It creates the idea that their colleagues create really good images and with hard work I can do the same,” Falco said.

While students are enrolled in these classes, they are able to learn from Falco’s expertise and continue to grow throughout their time in the SCMA.

Falco is also the President & Creative Director of Vision Project, which is “an organization dedicated to the development of investigative journalism, documentary photography, multimedia and education,” according to the Vision Project website. Their mission statement said, “The goal of Vision Project is to produce documentary material and educational programs that encourage understanding and awareness about a broad range of social issues.”

“Professor Falco saw from our collection of photos that our concept was very thought out and executed on a professional level, said Doble.

“It gives the students that are a part of it to feel good about what they have done. It pat’s them on the back that they did something good,” said Falco.

“We have a school of media and I think what we need to promote the quality of both video and still that are produced here and we have a facility that allows us to showcase that work,” said Falco.

“The students have worked so hard, I could’ve added another 30, 40, 50, pictures to this.”


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