The Importance of News Amid COVID-19

By Anaya Vance
News Editor

During this pandemic, the most essential thing to all Americans right now is news. We constantly try to keep ourselves updated daily, as the circumstances surrounding this pandemic are ever-changing.

Journalists devote themselves to gathering, assessing, creating and distributing news and information to the public, and The Spectrum is dedicated to providing those same guidelines to the SHU community.

People rely on journalism (whether it is in the form of print, radio or broadcast) to seek a sense of security and understanding about what is going on in the world. As journalists, it is our job to provide reliable information that the public seeks.

It is critical that we commit to delivering the truth during times like these, especially with the spread of fake news and conspiracy theories. Social media is a large platform where fake news spread, turning the facts of COVID-19 into a whirlpool of disbelief.

Following the university being closed, The Spectrum has managed to continue running the publication fully online. The board members as well as staff writers have limited the amount of articles posted weekly in each section from four to two.

Each section has reported on some information surrounding the details of the coronavirus. News has covered President Trump declaring a National Emergency and the effects COVID-19 has on college students. Perspectives has touched upon what role the media is playing throughout the pandemic, college students adjusting to the transition of online classes, and whether the younger generation is to blame for the rapid spread of the virus. Features reported on tips to staying healthy and the sudden supply and demand imbalance at retail stores. The Arts & Entertainment section has covered that celebrities that have been diagnosed with the virus as well as how COVID-19 has affected the Performing Arts Department. Even Sports has covered how the virus is affecting student athletes.

Each writer in each section has become a coronavirus journalist. Spectrum writers’ responsibility is to distribute newsworthy information in each section relating to COVID-19.

We plan on continuing to move forward with how we are conducting Spectrum and hope each individual will find comfort through our writing.

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