What Really Made French Montana “Unforgettable?”


By: Evan Denny

Staff Reporter

On March 23rd, Sacred Heart University was set to hold its spring concert starring French Montana, an American-Moroccan hip-hop artist. Except at 4:32 PM on the day of the concert, an email was sent out stating that the concert was canceled due to “unforeseen circumstances.”

The Spectrum reached out to French Montana’s record label, Bad Boy Records, but unfortunately was unable to get a response. Student Activities was cooperative and provided the Spectrum with information about the cancellation.

“On the day of the concert, we received a phone call around 4PM from the agency that represents French Montana and they explained he was still in Los Angeles and wasn’t going to make it to Sacred Heart,” said Amy Novak, the Director of Student Activities. “At the time of the call, the stage, sound, and lights were set, rigged, and ready to go for the show and we were doing our final preparations before the doors were to open at 7PM.”

“I wouldn’t say I was excited for French Montana, as much as I was excited for the concert experience,” said junior Caroline Flynn. “I feel bad for the seniors, but I don’t think it’s Sacred Heart’s fault.”

Seniors were particularly upset considering that French Montana would have been their last Sacred Heart Spring concert. Senior Brennan Scanlon responded to the cancellation email blast speaking on behalf of those who planned on attending the concert.

“I find it extremely hard to believe that the university was notified 2 hours before the gates were scheduled to open that French Montana canceled,” said Scanlon. “Once again speaking for the entire student body, we are extremely disappointed and expect full monetary compensation.”

“I heard rumors about how he was in prison in California, he just didn’t want to come, and that he blew us off to go to Las Vegas early for his next show,” said junior Joseph Leo. “I was excited for the concert but wasn’t that upset when I heard it was canceled.”

Refunds were offered by Student Activities, following the cancellation, on March 29 and April 3.

The January 30 issue of the Spectrum featured two polls from @SHUSpectrum on Twitter asking Sacred Heart students if they were excited for French Montana. 81% of poll respondents were more excited for Josh Peck than French Montana and 64% answered “Nah” to the question “Are you excited for @FrencHMonTanA?”

“In all honesty, I wasn’t terribly excited for the concert. I don’t really know French Montana’s music; I was just going to the concert to be with my friends,” said junior Gabriella Monferrato. “I heard a bizarre rumor from my roommate’s friend that French was arrested in Uganda and therefore could not make it.”

“I did get a refund for my ticket. The process was easy. There was a short line that I had to wait on, but once I got into Hawley, the process was smooth,” said Monferrato.

On French Montana’s Instagram, Sacred Heart students expressed their anger towards the artist. Comments like “You’re a wet sock” from @traceycastelli, “French Montana eats soup with a fork” from @toneoromeo, and “French Montana is that guy from make [out]reef who was making out with his pillow” @mberns23 are just a few examples.

“This is the first time that a spring concert performer has canceled on the university. Considering the circumstances and the fact that it was completely out of our control, we wish this was not the outcome,” said Novak.

“We understand that the students were upset and we feel the same way. Students were looking forward to attending for a while and our staff was looking forward to providing another fun experience for the students,” said Novak. “We worked for four months to put this event together and having the performer cancel within hours of opening doors was certainly disappointing for all.”


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