An Unpredictable Ending

By Erica Condon
Managing Editor of Editorial

Let’s rewind to the summer of 2016: I was an incoming college freshman who was savoring every last moment of my summer with my high-school friends. I was the first out of my friends to leave for college. I shared a fair share of tears (lots of tears actually), laughs and hugs as I said my goodbyes.

I was full of mixed emotions. One day I was planning out my dorm room with my new roommate and the next day I was full of nerves thinking about this next chapter in my life.

But I had nothing to worry about, the moment I moved into my dorm room in Merton hall I knew I was home. My roommate Nina and I had moved in early for pre-season along with all the other D1 athletes. We spent all day decorating and perfecting every corner of our tiny dorm room. It was only our first day on campus and we had already met so many friendly faces. Fellow athletes and students would leave their doors open and stop by to introduce themselves. But this was just the beginning.

Freshman year was full of so many exciting memories. I am lucky enough to say that the friends I met freshman year have stuck by my side through it all. We navigated the campus together and struggled through the dreadful required classes together (Art of Thinking… you will not be missed). It was a year of so many firsts. I look back on my freshman year like it was just yesterday, how did these years fly by so fast?

Sophomore year was one for the books, my friends and I moved into North, properly known as Christian Witness Commons. Before moving in everyone said to us, “12 girls in a suite, are you crazy!?” But we disagreed… living with all of your best friends meant sleepovers every night, movie nights, late night Linda’s runs, study sessions and the occasional noise complaints (sorry neighbors!). There was never a dull moment, and we all agree that was one of our most memorable years at SHU.

Junior and senior year, the years that made the real world feel so much closer. Me and my three housemates signed a 2-year lease for an off-campus house. Renting a house was so exciting for us — it meant more freedom, but it also came with more responsibilities. We hosted countless bachelor nights and birthday parties, but we also became responsible for paying bills and rent. It is hard to imagine moving back home after all this time. Our little house on Queen Street will always be remembered.

Of course I am deeply saddened to have my senior year cut short. I always dreamed about my senior week and looked forward to all of the senior ceremonies we had planned. But looking back on my years at SHU makes me realize that I have already gotten everything I have wanted and more from Sacred Heart. 

I met my life-long best friends. I was a D1 athlete on the nationally ranked cheerleading team. I became the captain of my team for 2 years. I met professors who inspired me and treated me like family. I joined the Spectrum and became the Senior Managing Editor. I acquired two internships. I studied abroad in Dingle Ireland. The experiences, memories and lessons I have gotten here are countless.

Although the end of our college career is unpredictable at the time being, there are still many things I am certain of. I am certain that SHU shaped me into a better person over the last 3.75 years. I found my passions and stepped out of my comfort zone. I experienced my college years to the fullest. And most importantly, I have gained a forever home at SHU.

To my friends, professors, teammates, coaches and family… thank you. I could not have done it without all of you. And to the class of 2020, we are all in this together. Once a Pioneer, always a Pioneer.

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