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By: Gab Ruvo

Assistant Public Relations Manager

As someone who came into college with no idea how to fit in, finding my passion came with time. What can I get involved in? How can I make friends? These were questions I asked myself frequently, until I found my home in Kappa Delta.

Kappa Delta sorority is a Panhellenic organization on campus that was founded in 1897 and brought to Sacred Heart’s campus as the Eta Nu Chapter in 2009.

Going through sorority recruitment my freshmen year was one of the most overwhelming experiences I’ve ever gone through. As recruitment weekend came closer to ending, the thought I had in the back of my mind kept coming forward. Am I going to find a place where I fit in?

Looking back on the thoughts and experiences I had during this weekend, I wouldn’t take any of it back or change a thing. Kappa Delta has given me more than just two Greek letters in my Instagram bio; it has given me opportunities and friendships that I know will last a lifetime.

Who I was my freshmen year is entirely different than who I am now. Kappa Delta gave me the platform to grow into a more confident person and a leader on campus. I never thought I’d be as involved on campus as I am now.

Within this organization, I’ve held three leadership positions. As a SET Leader, I helped new members through the new member process. As Panhellenic Delegate to the executive board, I worked with all other Panhellenic and Inter-Fraternity organizations to ensure my chapter was updated on their events. Presently, I am the Vice President of Membership Education to the executive board and work directly with the new members to make sure they have a successful Kappa Delta experience just like I did.

Outside of this organization, Kappa Delta gave me the confidence to apply for the RSA position; which I’ve been doing for three years now. I’m a member of a Greek Life Honor Society on campus called Order of Omega, as well as the Communications Honor Society. Why does this all matter? Well, I wouldn’t have done any of this if it wasn’t for Kappa Delta.

This organization also allowed me to bring the community service I did in high school, back to college with me. The philanthropies we support hold a very special place in my heart and I hope to work with them even after graduation. We work with Girl Scouts of the USA and Prevent Child Abuse America (PCAA), locally with St. Joseph’s Parenting Center.

We hold various Girl Scout events throughout the semester and work with them one on one. We do confidence boosting activities, campus tours, and badge earning activities. Being a Girl Scout once before really allows me to connect with these young girls on a personal level.

Annually, we hold our event for PCAA called Caitlin’s Shamrock the Runway in honor of our sister Caitlin Nelson. This event is a campus wide fashion show and all the proceeds go towards both PCAA and St. Joseph’s Parenting Center. Working with the entire campus for a great cause is not only fun, but really rewarding.

Kappa Delta turned the shy, anxious, and introverted me into the outgoing, talkative, extroverted me that I am today. It gave me professional skills that I know I can use after graduation in the “real world.” Something this organization has taught me is that you can truly do anything you set your mind to.

As a senior, I didn’t really think time would fly like everyone says. Looking back on my four years in Kappa Delta, I can definitely say I’m forever grateful for everything it gave me. From leadership experiences, philanthropic opportunities, academic excellence, and forever friends – going Greek is so worthwhile.

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