A Viral Video Gone Terribly Wrong

Junior, Steph Cooney reacts to the shocking video that has caused Facebook to go crazy. Photo by Caroline Fallon/Spectrum

Junior, Steph Cooney reacts to the shocking video that has caused Facebook to go crazy. Photo by Caroline Fallon/Spectrum


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When Lamel Yancy posted a video on Facebook of his three-year-old nephew smoking marijuana, it became extremely well known over the course of a few days. Videos put on the Internet have the potential to go viral overnight, and this one did. These videos can circle the web and the world. The person who posts it on any form of social media will never know where it may end up.

Insider Fox News posted a video on Sept. 23 about 17-year-old Yancy recording himself in North Little Rock, Ark. giving his nephew marijuana to smoke.

A major reason for why this video became so viral is because of the detainment of Yancy. Yancy has since been arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a minor.

This video had been on the Internet for over a week at the time of Yancy’s arrest. On Fox News Insider alone there are more than 1,600 comments, and a majority of them are negative.

While watching the video, it shows that Yancy’s nephew, who appears to be a toddler, is shown sitting in the backseat of a car. It is also noted that the young boy is not secured or strapped into anything.

The video shows Yancy laughing at his nephew inhaling the illegal drug. It also shows Yancy repeatedly trying to give the young boy more saying, “hit the blunt.”

“Having a niece the age of 3, I could never imagine giving her anything that may harm her,” said junior Stephanie Cooney. “I think it is disgusting that this man thinks it’s funny to give this innocent child a harmful drug that isn’t even legal in the state of Arkansas.”

Based on the comments of the video, as reported by Fox News Insider and students at school, the actions in this video seem to upset many Sacred Heart students.

“I started to cry when I saw it for the first time on Facebook. Before I even knew any of the specifics of it, I said aloud ‘this man better be going to prison.’ When I found out that he was only 17, it just made me sad. I’m only 20 and I know I would never do something so stupid,” said Borges.

The overall content of the video baffled some students.

“I don’t understand why a child at that age would even know what marijuana is,” said junior Katrina Borges.

Channel 3 News reported that Yancy’s actions were only discovered due to how quickly his video went viral on the Internet. At the time the video surfaced online, the police had already been investigating Yancy on unrelated burglary charges. The events in the video were not tied to the burglary charges.

“I think it’s absolutely barbaric,” said sophomore Lauren Petrozzi. “My initial reaction was rage for this man. I think he should have 30 plus years in prison. Being only 17 definitely does not justify his actions. This three-year-old boy had no defense against it.”


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