Amazon Key Set to Redefine Home Deliveries


By Ryan Conklin

Staff Reporter

How would you feel about Amazon delivery services walking into your house at any time, whether you are home or not? According to, “Amazon Key is a new service that lets couriers unlock your front door.”

Consumers that use this product will need a smart lock and Amazon’s new ‘cloud cam’ for the couriers to gain access to your house.

“What kind of person would let a stranger into their house unattended,” asked junior Cole Bruni. “It is a cool concept but in practice it seems like it is way too risky for me to want to invest in it.”

“I have some questions when I hear that,” said senior James Haynal. “How exactly do they have the capabilities of unlocking doors? I think it’s kind of weird that this company now has that ability; and I’m curious about the legal ramifications.”

“Amazon is offering this service at a starting price of $249 the customer first buys a smart lock then the Cloud Cam camera from Amazon,” according to “The Cloud Cam is also available for purchase as a stand-alone security camera for $119.99. Both will be available for purchase and can be installed by the customer or for free by a professional Amazon technician.”

“I wouldn’t use this service,” said sophomore Alyssa Brown. “I think it is creepy to have someone there that I don’t know coming into my house whether I’m there or not. I feel like it is a good price for the concept, but I still feel price no matter how cheap will not sway my opinion.”

“Honestly, it is a great idea, but there are too many flaws,” commented junior Eddie Grancagnolo. “The idea of having a random person walk into my house alone is unsettling. On top of that the idea of having a camera installed to my house really makes it a no from me.”

For such a helpful concept, there is an overwhelming amount of negative opinions.

Amazon provides a massive variety of products to anyone who uses their site frequently or even just once in a while. Consumers who use Amazon frequently have shed negative light on Amazon’s new service.

“Are these people vetted at all?” said Bridgeport resident William Powers. “Although they may be able to drive a truck, I do not want someone I have no familiarity with at all coming into my home and possibly cleaning out my safe.”

Senior George Ferris agrees with Powers’ sentiments.

“I don’t know who on Earth would actually want a stranger to have the ability to go into their house,” said Ferris. “Not everybody’s going to steal from you, but you do open that up to a higher percentage chance with this.”

Amazon Key is set to launch on Nov. 8 for Prime members.


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