Do You Believe in Ghosts? He Said


By: Anthony Santino

co-Perspectives Editor

Are ghosts real? First off, I’ll say that I definitely believe aliens exist—and not just because I like Blink-182.

Ghosts, though? I’m not really sure where I stand on it. Part of me wants to believe, while another part of me also thinks it’s a hoax; a concept made up by ancient peoples who did a lot of drugs.

What I’ve decided to do as I write this is consider reasons I would think ghosts could exist, and I’ll come to a solid position on the matter in my conclusion.

I’ll start with the basic concept of ghosts. As far as my knowledge on the phenomena goes, they’re basically the souls of humans who’ve passed on from this world and onto an afterlife. I believe there is a high possibility an afterlife exists for living things, so I’m still entertaining the possibility of ghosts thus far.

So we’ve got an afterlife. Now what? Do I believe that the souls of the deceased ‘haunt’ us, or at least come around to make themselves feel present?

In considering this, I always bring it back to things that seem to be strange coincidences. For instance, if I’m in a rush to get somewhere I don’t want to be and I get an email saying that commitment is canceled, my quasi-superstitious self often thinks it’s the product of some otherworldly good karma coming back to help me. Like perhaps one of my loved ones who’s passed on has given me a helping hand when I didn’t want to go out and be a person. It’s the little things in life, and maybe my ghostly friends are behind some of my good fortune.

Another reason I feel ghosts might actually exist: doors closing themselves. Yeah, yeah, yeah, “It’s the wind; it’s basic science; don’t give me that horror movie stuff.” I don’t know whom I’m quoting there, but he or she can go take a hike. Any kind of breeze that makes its way into your house and affects the landscape of it is just an excuse for the ghosts to mess with you. And I think I just officially bought into ghosts—and it’s not even the conclusion yet.

Hold the phone. I need to backtrack. Ghosts don’t exist. I just Googled the topic at hand and found mere headlines that disprove any notion I had of ghosts existing. Something about the Large Hadron Collider, which in a nutshell is a large particle collider that does a lot to prove and disprove things in the universe (I’m not a science guy), and how it would be able to detect ghostly presences in the world but doesn’t.

To be fair to both sides, I don’t have all the facts on this Large Hadron Collider. However, I am a believer in science—especially 21st century science. And if science tells me that ghosts don’t exist, well, they don’t.

If we’re being real here, anyone who has ‘seen a ghost’ has probably had a legitimate hallucination or other bodily experience—perhaps under some influence of a substance—that gave them that mirage. There are also a host of mental illnesses that make people think they see ghosts, so that’s another reason for why people might believe in them.

To anyone reading this who might believe in ghosts, I’m sorry. I thought I bought into them, but I can’t.


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