Bringing the 50’s to 2017: The Grand Opening of JP’s Diner


By Lianna Grillo

Staff Reporter

JP’s Diner is the newest dining hall on campus. The new spot is a 50’s style diner and had its formal ribbon-cutting ceremony on Oct. 16 at 11 a.m.

The diner will be offering employment opportunities to some students, as well as, a new menu that will differ from the menus at Linda’s and 63’s.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was highly attended and featured speeches from Addison Chau, the former Student Government President, and Dr. John Petillo.

There were also performances by the “SHUpermen”, the band, and the dance team.

“I can’t wait for the diner as another option for dining on campus,” said sophomore Emily Durvin. “It will provide great variety and I can’t wait.”

The SHUpermen sang an original song they made up about JP’s diner. The dance team had a short routine to 50’s music and 50’s style moves that the juniors of the team specifically choreographed for this grand opening. They all performed outside in their sequined tops, with big smiles, and got the crowd engaged with smiles and applause.

“In my opinion, I feel that having a diner on campus is going to be such a great addition to Sacred Heart University,” said sophomore Emily Miller, a member of the Dance Team. “I am definitely most excited about the milkshakes and mozzarella sticks.”

The diner will operate from approximately 7 a.m. until 3 a.m., and Linda’s will now close at 8 p.m. However, the official hours of the diner are not yet determined.

“Since the diner is so close to the Pitt Center, I definitely see myself going to the diner a lot after practice,” said Miller.

Students and staff who attended the grand opening ceremony had a chance to go inside to see the diner for the first time.

“I think it’s pretty cool how there is a retro-looking diner to give the campus a new feel,” said senior Chris McCormick. “I wish it was established earlier so I wouldn’t have to go off campus for a milkshake, but I will definitely be going there when it is open.”

The diner is said to fit about 110 people, has grey and red floors, with red and grey booths, tables, and an old-school, 50’s style bar that food will be served on.

While the diner looks impressive on the outside, some students are worried that it may not be able to hold as many students as they would like it to.

“The diner looks really small from the outside and small inside as well,” said senior Stephanie Miller. “I am not sure how people are really going to fit.”

Some even found the diner’s aesthetic to be a little predictable.

“I think it’s too small and kind of cheesy, but I will probably check it out. It is most likely going to taste the same as every other diner” said senior Brian Witcomb.

The menu was also revealed at the opening, featuring a unique and simple choice of various foods.

For example, the diner will be serving various styles of omelets, Belgian waffles, pancakes, French toast, milkshakes, and floats.

They will also be serving some classic diner favorites, such salads, burgers, signature sandwiches, grilled cheese, choices of sides, mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, and a three-cheese quesadilla.

“I am really excited that Sacred Heart is expanding their food industry,” said senior Michael Raia. “With the new diner there are so many options for food that students can choose from and once it opens I can’t wait to try out the breakfast foods.”

Student government also spoke at the opening as well. The student government came up with the name, and they spoke about how it is a tradition that they always come up with the names of the dining halls on campus.

“I am excited about this diner,” said senior Derek Zarzycki. “I can’t wait to get milkshakes. I honestly wish it was here in my earlier years at SHU, but I am happy we have some time with it.”


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