Celebrity Baby Names: What’s the Verdict?


By Gina D’Amico

Staff Reporter

How would you feel if your parents gave you a name like Blue Ivy, Willow, Future, Moroccan or Apple?

“I wouldn’t have an issue with that,” said Freshman Nicholas Cardello. “It’s different, and I like different. I believe the only difference in myself being named one of those names and a celebrity naming their child that, is their social status. Blue Ivy can walk around school and no one will question her name because her parents are Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Besides that, I think having a unique name is a brilliant idea. Standing out and being different is very important in this generation.”

Although individuals like Cardello may argue that having an uncommon name is interesting, senior Matthew Lucas says he would not like having a unique name growing up due to his personality.

“As a shy kid, I liked being named Matthew because I was often in classes with several other Matthews,” said Lucas. “It kept me under the radar and I would have resented a unique ‘celebrity’ name because of my introverted personality.”

Recently there has been a lot of speculation about whether the 20-year-old makeup brand owner, Kylie Jenner, was pregnant or not. Once her pregnancy was confirmed on Feb. 4, there was much controversy on what Jenner would name her newborn daughter. On Feb. 6, Kylie announced that she chose the name Stormi Webster for her daughter.

“I feel like it is expected that celebrities go out of the ordinary when naming their children,” said sophomore Deanna Nicolo. “When waiting to hear what a celebrity is going to name their child, I am sure the answer is not going to be something generic, such as Matthew or Sarah. I think that they always choose something that’s one of a kind or unique towards their own child.”

Kylie Jenner was not the only celebrity to choose an uncommon name for their child. Sister Kim Kardashian named her children North, Saint and Chicago.

“If it were me, I would name one of my children a unique name,” said freshman Lauren Petrozza. “Maybe not as unique as “North” or “Chicago” but I think that unique names make individuals stand out and be different than the norm.”

Junior Bianca Melillo feels that celebrities name their children attention-grabbing names for different reasons.

“Part of me thinks a lot of celebrities are artists, who by nature are creative and unique,” said Melillo. “It takes a lot of creativity to be a number one song artist or something along those lines. Other times, I do think other celebrities are just trying to follow a trend and/or make it their choice of name for their child to be ‘the next big thing to talk about.’”

Babycenter.com surveyed over 500,000 parents and reported the most popular girl names of 2017 were Sophia, Olivia, Emma, Ava and Isabella (in that order). In addition, the most popular boy names of 2017 were—in order—Jackson, Liam, Noah, Aiden and Lucas.

Sophomore Nina Catanzaro believes it is becoming more socially acceptable for average citizens to name their children something distinctive now rather than names that come from previous generations.

“Just as people follow trends for food or fashion, they follow trends for baby names,” said Catanzaro. “As time progresses, things change, and baby names are just another thing that will evolve with time. We are living in a time were our culture is becoming open to new ideas and to more contemporary things, so I think that new names will be accepted over time.”


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