Coke Versus Pepsi


She Said: Giovanna

It’s one o’clock in the morning and I am pushing through the doors of Linda McMahon’s to christen the beginning of my junior year.

With chicken tenders and fries in mind, my junk food heart craves a soda to top off this Instagram worthy meal. I toss my SHU card with a freshly loaded meal plan to the scanner and ask, “Could you add a coke to this order too?” My trusty Linda’s cashier reaches to grab a medium size paper cup that very clearly had the blinding word, “Pepsi” printed down its side.

Did she not hear me say Coke? What is this blue fatal color that is now in my hand?

After a horrible realization, I turned around to forcefully accept my fate. There it was, a sea of Pepsi products lit in a
display case that once held my beloved Coke.

After a brief staring competition, I turned back around to pick up my food and wondered what I did to have this evil wished upon myself and the entire Sacred Heart University student body.

Now if I must confess, I am not a regular soda drinker. However, this change also took all coke related products with it.

My ice tea obsessed soul is still having trouble coping without Honest Tea. Aside from that misfortune, how am I supposed to survive without Smart Water?

Some may argue that it is simply an overpriced, glorified water bottle. I beg to differ. Smart Water tastes different, has a sturdier structure and it is worth the extra buck. Why pay more money for water? Easy. I have a meal plan.

Additionally, Propel (Pepsi’s counterpart to Smart Water) is just a waste of space. Its bottle is attempting to mimic what Smart Water once was, but its product is nothing in comparison.

Now I am not saying that this change is something that I refuse to accept. But when you go out to dinner and ask for a coke only to hear, “Is Pepsi okay?” That is where I draw the line.

Sacred Heart, I am sorry that you have chosen to adopt this Pepsi way onto our campus. My saddened heart will have to cling to Naked Juice and Gatorade as a way to cope with this tragedy.

Coke is an impressive 130 years old. Since then, it has been a trademark for our American culture. A way of life. I suppose there are some Pespi perks with this
timeless Coke competitor. Yet, I still have some accepting to do.

Coca-Cola, I applaud your consistency in supreme marketing. How can someone argue with a polar bear in a red scarf? It’s just so cute.

Coke has created a brand that is recognizable, memorable and an image of our country. Pepsi does have some patriotic symbolism tied to its original red, white, and blue logo, but Coke doesn’t have to force its American pride onto its consumers.

As a proud Coke supporter, I stand by my soda provider. During these tough changing times, I sympathize with the
Sacred Heart community mourning the loss of not only a soda company but a part of our American culture.

He said: Anthony

I walk into 63’s after a long practice.  I need something to quench my thirst so I walk to grab an ice cold soda. Old, rundown Coca-Cola machine?

No, this new piece of technological ingenuity that spews this liquid-gold that is Pepsi.

Coke vs. Pepsi has been a popular
rivalry for over a century. Pepsi was first introduced in 1893. Although it came into the soda business seven years after Coca-Cola, the Pepsi Company was able to become a major conglomerate.

Besides the variety of flavors Pepsi has, they also offer Mountain dew, Gatorade, Aquafina, Pure Leaf, Tropicana, Lipton and those are just the beverages.

The Pepsi Company also owns
Frito-Lay, the chip company. Frito-Lay manufactures Doritos, Tostitos, Cheetos, Lay’s, Ruffles, Rold Gold and Sun Chips.

The Coca-Cola Company has a variety of drinks to offer, but most are lack luster. Without any food or snacks to offer, one could say that the Pepsi Company would be the smarter company to exclusively offer at a place like a college campus. Who wouldn’t love buying sour cream and onion Lay’s from Outtakes?

Also Pepsi seems to be enhancing their technology game, giving the school a new soda machine, something we definitely lacked with Coco-Cola.

Personally, I think the logo for Pepsi is much more appealing too.

The company took on the red, white, and blue globe during World War II to show support for our military. That’s perhaps the biggest reason why I have a respect and liking for Pepsi.

It wasn’t a marketing scheme to get more sales, it was just pure patriotism.

You just don’t see that with Coke. In fact, Coca-Cola seems to be more worried about a bunch of polar bears that have nothing to do with America. Would you want to invest in a company that cares more about the arctic and less about America?

One category that Coke does have Pepsi beat in is its nutritional facts. Pepsi
contains 41 grams of sugar where Coke has 39. Pepsi also contains 10 more calories and four more milligrams of caffeine.

  These differences in nutrition are so minuscule that it really shouldn’t make a difference. Plus, lets be honest with each other, if you are drinking Coca-Cola or Pepsi then you definitely aren’t counting how many calories you’re having.

Pepsi and Coke have pretty much the same ingredients, which leads people to think that they taste the same. Anyone with a pallet could tell that they taste
different and that Pepsi is better.

Another thing that I need in my beverage relationship is a strong bond of trust. Back when Coca-Cola first came out, one of its primary ingredients was cocaine. COCAINE! Why would anyone want to drink something that contains cocaine?

Within the first 20 years of its production they decided it was best to take it out. Still, who knows what else they would put in their soda if they would put cocaine
in it.

I mean, Coca-Cola literally takes the paint off cars. Why would you want to put that in your body?

In the end, Pepsi is the safe and delicious way to go.


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