Do You Still Make a Christmas List?


BY Sophia Cirigliano

Staff Reporter

It was a typical Christmas morning at the Constantine household. As Christina and her brother waited to open presents in the morning, she would hope that she got everything on her Christmas list.

“I would always write on my Christmas list that I wanted a puppy when I was younger,” said junior Christina Constantine. “Unfortunately, I actually never ended up getting one for Christmas.”

Many students at Sacred Heart reminisce about when they would write their Christmas list as a child in comparison to how they write their Christmas lists now as college students.

“I would always put down American Girl doll items,” said junior Alyssa Zarcone. “I had about eight of them so during Christmas time I would always ask for the doll’s clothing, bedding, and accessories.”

Zarcone said that the Christmas spirit is very high in her household during the holidays because she has two younger brothers.

“I still do a Christmas list every year because I have younger brothers and I want to keep them in the Christmas and Santa Claus spirit during the holidays,” said Zarcone. “I feel like you are never too old to make a Christmas list because you want to be able to know what someone likes and you are not able to give them something they want without a list.”

Although many students said they still make Christmas lists,  junior Bryan Casey said that he believed there was an age limit to making a Christmas list.

“I think the age for being too old to make a Christmas list is 17 years old,” said Casey.

Some students believe that although they do not traditionally write out a list, they find other ways to tell their families what they want for the holidays.

“I do not make a Christmas list anymore,” said junior Grace Kraft. “For me personally, as I got older I began to point out stuff I wanted for Christmas or send my mom links of items I wanted.”

As Kraft thinks about items she wants this year for Christmas such as clothes and money, she remembers lists she would make when she was a kid.

“I would always write on my Christmas list something that had to do with Hannah Montana. I really liked her growing up and watching the show on the Disney channel so I would always ask for items or clothing that has to do with Hannah Montana,” said Kraft. “I also always asked for Littlest Pet Shop toys. I liked playing with them growing up and I feel like it was a popular toy for my generation.”

Junior Danielle Fischbein said making a Christmas list should be something everyone does no matter what their age is.

“You are never too old to make a list,” said Fischbein. “Even if you don’t physically make a list, I feel like people always still ask you what you want, regardless of your age.”

While thinking of popular gifts for this Christmas, Fischbein said that she thinks a lot of college students will be getting a similar gift this year.

“I think the new iPhone will be popular this Christmas for college students,” said Fischbein.

Many students agreed that the iPhone will be a popular college student Christmas gift along with other Apple products.

“I feel like college students are going to ask for either an Apple watch or AirPods for Christmas. The products are really popular and convenient for college students to keep track of time and to listen to music,” said Constantine. “Getting either an Apple watch or AirPods are perfect to ask for during Christmas time since both products are on the expensive side.”


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