He Said: Springing into Spring


By Anthony Santino

Perspectives Editor

Once I knew we were going with this topic, I immediately started hearing some birds chirping, felt some good vibes, and decided I was ready for spring. I also tasted a Narragansett Del’s Shandy, one of the best nice weather beverages ever, through my sensory memory, so we’re already cooking.

Summer is great, but I think there’s nothing better than peak spring weather.

In March—okay, the weather’s kind of iffy. I haven’t been a fan of the weather this March, to be honest. However, we’ll definitely be in better shape through April and beyond—that’s a given.

I mostly jump to saying how much I like spring because of the optimism that comes with the season. I know that might sound cheesy and soft, but bear with me. What’s better than a 70-degree, sunny day spent outside with your friends? Of course that wouldn’t be complete without a football to throw around and a barbecue with cheeseburgers on it, but you get the picture.

Once spring is in full effect, the worst-case scenario for weather is a mildly cool, cloudy day. I like rain a lot, so some precipitation is only a bonus for me. A hoodie’s all I need.

Another great thing about spring is that it’s the advent of the Major League Baseball season.

I’m a lifelong New York Mets fan, and the beginning of each season onsets a brand of nostalgia in a league of its own. Although I ended up falling out of love with little league baseball in favor of basketball and tennis, I still have fond memories of my playing days, but even better memories of going to Mets games with family and friends. So my baseball connection to spring, I’d have to say, is one of my main reasons for welcoming the season with such open arms.

Speaking of sports, there’s another great thing about spring: outdoor activities at its finest.

Part of a perfect spring day would include some pickup basketball, a toss of the football, or at least a stroll through a park or by the water. (I know I brought up football earlier, but it warrants another mention within this category.)

In mentioning walks by the water, I would be remiss to not mention perhaps the most important reason to welcome spring, and that would be beach days. Yes. Beach days are back, and we’ll all be better because of it.

The natural world, at its best, is a utopia for reflection, relaxation, and overall good times. If I were to rank the best parts of nature, I’d have to put waterside destinations as number one on that list. I’m talking beaches, ponds, lakes, etc.

When I’m by the water, I feel like I’m in another world, and I think the same rings true for a lot of people. On a recent vacation, I strictly watched the waves and listened to music for about five hours each day, and it was more majestic than watching James Harden play basketball. That’s when you know.

Aside from the examples I’ve provided in these paragraphs, there are scores of other reasons as to why spring is the best season. Some I could go on about,while others make up the kind of beauty that might be so small you’d have to feel it for yourself.


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