Holiday Gift Shopping: How Do SHU Students Shop for the Holidays?


By: Dominick Daniele

Staff Reporter

Plans for winter break seem to be an ongoing question being asked to many students, but one of the hardest questions that students seem to be struggling with is “What kind of present should I get for someone?”  

Christmas is a holiday of joy, celebration, and gift-giving. However, the gift-giving portion of the holiday seems to be the most nerve-racking part. 

“It is very tough to pick the perfect gift for someone,” said junior Paul Lombardi. “I usually try to pay attention to what people say throughout the year and use that to my advantage to get that person a gift. Like if my brother ever mentioned that he liked a certain shirt or something, I would make sure I remember that so I get that for him as a gift.”  

Many people prefer shopping earlier to avoid doing any last-minute shopping. Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping have been very popular. According to CNN, Americans spent about 5 billion dollars on this past Black Friday, and 80% of the shopping was done online. 

“I usually like to order my gifts for my family online,” said junior Chris Danna. “I find it much easier because it saves time and you know you’re actually going to get something instead of leaving a store empty-handed. I tend to buy most of my gifts on Black Friday or Cyber Monday because a lot of things are cheaper.” 

Although some people find gift-giving a stressful time, junior Aaron Rivera believes that giving people humorous gifts is the right direction. 

“I’m terrible trying to pick gifts for Christmas, so I like giving funny gifts that I think will make the person smile,” said Rivera. “For my girlfriend, I will usually ask her for some things that she wants or needs then I’ll throw in a few things I think she’ll like or find funny.” 

Some people seem to receive odd gifts that they do not expect to receive. One student who has experienced this is junior Bryan Brown.  

“I have a great aunt who is a nun that gives us calendars, last year she gave us notepads that ‘we can use for school,’” said Brown. 

Sometimes, gifts that are received can be strange and unique.

“I’ve gotten this one gift, where the situation was very weird,” said freshman Brian Brown. “I didn’t know where the gift came from. It didn’t have a label. It was something I was not expecting or asking for and it was just there. I asked my family who got it for me and everyone said no, so it came out of nowhere.” 

Although some students would agree that figuring out what gifts to get friends and family is fairly difficult, some students already have ideas in mind.

“I plan on getting my mom a Starbucks gift card, my dad an article of clothing, and nothing for my sister,” said junior Michael Bubolo. Every Christmas, we gather around the Christmas tree, and open each other’s gifts one-by-one.” 


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