Homecoming Tailgate


“The homecoming tailgate was a real example of students coming together creating a community aspect that is prominent at this school.” – Junior Shawn Lee

“I ate a raw hotdog and my friend’s sunglasses fell into the grill and a kid from Fairfield was at the tailgate with us, (traitor).” – senior Emily Paro

“It was so much fun. I wish it existed for my other three years!”- senior Samantha Haug

“For once I actually felt like I went to a D1 college”-junior Allison Gibbons

“The homecoming tailgate not only brought the students together, but also the whole community. Since I’m only a sophomore it was really cool to talk to all the alumni. I was able to learn how much the school has grown and after the tailgate it was extremely evident that Sacred Heart is still growing and becoming a better place every year!” – sophomore Greg Aregenio


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