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The social media company, Snapchat, has just rebranded their company to be called Snap Inc. This name change is not the only innovation that the company has recently marketed.

Snapchat has officially publicized their new product, Snapchat Spectacles, which is set to be released later this fall. 

The purpose of these Spectacles is to record footage straight from the product directly to the app. The footage is placed on a user’s MyStory, which allows them to post a photo or video for a 24-hour time period.

The Spectacles can record 10 to 30-seconds of film at a time. This design allows for video recording to be hands free and accessible.

“There are so many memories we make at school,” said sophomore Stephanie Dohney.  “Being able to just hit record on a pair of glasses, instead of taking out your phone, unlocking it and opening up Snapchat, makes life a lot easier. Just press a button in the moment and the video is recorded and stored.”

Snap Inc. has reimagined a product that revised the way content is experienced and distributed.

“I think the Snapchat Spectacles are an awesome idea,” said junior Kristen Walton. “It will give people a way of experiencing thrilling moments in a new way. I see them being a very popular trend on the Sacred Heart campus among other colleges.”

The retail price of the Snapchat Spectacles is going to cost around $130 for a pair of these clip recording eyewear.

“After hearing about Snapchat Spectacles it occurred to me that they are very pricey. You can just as easily take a 30 second video on your phone, and I don’t think it’s worth the money,” said junior Laura Kryzanski.

However, there are some that are wary about the product.

“College students use Snapchat so often that it would seem like there is a good market for it at a place like Sacred Heart, but overall I don’t think they will be well received,” said Choir Rehearsal Assistant Greg Chase.

Some even see them as a trend that rethinks the functionality of sunglasses. However, even with a new purpose, Snapchat Spectacles can be seen to have short comings.

“While these are great for maybe someone who snaps frequently outside and on the go, these are still fundamentally sunglasses, so indoors, especially in classrooms, the fashion statement loses some shine,” said Chase.

Some just think that the new name, Snap Inc., is only the beginning of changes to come.

“I think it would be interesting to see what potential Snapchat has to offer. I am excited to hear of any new inventions being made in the future,” said Walton.

Staff reporter Atene DiLuca contributed to this article.


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