No Stress December: How to Survive Finals Week


By: Lianna Grillo

Staff Reporter

After Thanksgiving break, on Sunday, November. 26. Sacred Heart dorms re-opened and classes were back in session the next day. Students come back from Thanksgiving knowing that the next two to three weeks they are here are going to be rough ones, being that finals are approaching.

  According to the Sacred Heart University finals schedule, finals officially end Saturday, Dec. 16. On Sunday Dec. 17. all dorm halls close and residents must leave by 10:00am. After this, students will most likely go home and celebrate the holiday season for the rest of the month of December into January. However, before students can even think about the holiday season they have to put their brain in finals mode, and prepare for all the work they are about to have.

  According to music, friends, food, working out, study breaks, staying in, and deep breaths are some of the greatest tips for surviving finals. Huffington Post says that music is a great way to alleviate stress ad improve your mood. They also state that studies show that non-lyrical music will improve your brain’s capacity to function.

  Huffington Post also states how your friends can be an awesome resource. Studying with friends can keep you motivated and on the right track. When they mentioned food they mentioned how eating right during finals week is very important. They said that studies show that fish, eggs, and peanut butter boost concentration.

  “During finals week I try to get all my work done ahead of time and pace myself, I take breaks by treating myself and getting my nails done when I have some free time. It is relaxing and a way to de-stress,” said senior Madison Peters.

  According to, speaking out loud instead of just reading to study is proven to help you remember the material you studied. Teaching what you have learned to someone else is also proven to test if you really know something or not.

  “I always stress eat during finals week, I know I should be eating healthy but I just always crave junk food,” said senior Danielle Tata.

  Another fact according to is that taking regular study breaks help you absorb more information, but also keeps you more motivated and focused when you are working. They also stated that staying up all night before an exam is not a great idea because your brain assimilates information while you sleep, so you will remember the next day.

  “I prepare for finals week by buying all of outtakes and stress eating, stopping by the diner for a milkshake as my study break,” said sophomore Sophia Tallarine.

  Sacred Heart Universities math students are also offering a “Cocoa and Cram” gathering in HC 216 where they are offering free hot chocolate for students. Every year here, Chartwells also offers a delivery service to dorms consisting of Mac and cheese bites, mozzarella sticks, and other comfort foods students can eat while stressing over finals.

  “My way of exercise during finals week is by carrying all my nursing textbooks up the hill by Linda’s to go back to Jhill. I am always at the library so much that I should just bring a sleeping bag there so I can study all night, wake up and study some more,” said Tallarine.

  According to the Student Success Center, Sacred Heart University is now offering free online tutoring in different subject areas. Sacred Heart partnered with and will be provided free face-to-face tutoring that can be accessed on any device at anytime.


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