Organizations on Campus that I wish I had Found Sooner


“La Hispanidad is one of the oldest clubs on campus and in this past year it has grown to something beautiful. Our mission as the Latin American Club on campus is to bring awareness to the beauty of our Hispanic culture with events that showcase our food, history, and dance moves. However, what I believe sets us apart from other organizations is our welcoming mindsets. I am grateful for this club because it has brought together incredible people from all different cultures and ethnicities. We encourage everyone to be proud and to share their story!” said junior and co-president, Manuela Contreras.

“Student Alumni Association provides students with a phenomenal opportunity to network with alumni and meet new people, while welcoming them back to the place they called home,” said Michael Capute.

“The transition mentor program was established to make sure that every freshmen had an easier transition into college life, and that they have a meaningful connection with an upperclassman. We can help whatever problem a student may have, whether it’s by talking things out, or pointing them in the right direction. Our hope is to make a difference!” said program chair, Nick Patino.

“Commuter Council aims to make commuters feel like they are just as important to the Sacred Heart community as residents are. Commuter Council provides an outlet for students to meet other commuters and plan events on campus that they can enjoy and partake in!” said junior and president, Heena Damania.

“The Gay-Straight Alliance offers a safe, positive community of accepting individuals who work to bring positivity and awareness of LGBTQIA* issues to the SHUniverse, ” said junior and president, Rachel Zacharczyk.


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