Poet’s Corner



By Robert McMullin

I stand all day

A shield between me

And them

They stare all day

I stand frozen

My life is not my own

The wardrobe predestined

The price already marked

My arms and legs and head and feet can move

They freeze me

I stand naked

With cloth and lace and strings and beads

I am a statue of fashion

A beacon of light

They look at me and see the new fad

I don’t know what they see

They stand clothed

The life that I have

Is not mine

My face is hidden by a mask

The plastic smile I am forced to wear

But they have their lives

My eyes are open, but I cannot see

I just want to close them

I’m so tired

Judging, stripping, staring, standing

They go home

But I’m still here

They look at me

But the mannequin looks back

They see the new look

But never the real me


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