Poet’s Corner: Broken by Frank Alfano



By Frank Alfano, Freshman

Water sits, no movement

Books, never truly read

Tree’s stand still

No leaves…

No color…

No life.

As generations continue

Society alters its venue

Falsely rectifying our convictions

We become desensitized, impaired sympathy

No movement…

No thought…

No life.

We’ve surpassed creativity

Heard, but neglected history

Knowledge stands still

No drive…

No factor…

No life.

Humans live

But air is still

Cold as the heart who breathes it

No passion…

No love…

No life.

Day beyond day

Aimless to aspirations

We plead for acknowledgement

Amiss interaction

No recreation…

No gaiety…

No life.

But still we stand

Head down

Waiting for someone, to intercede



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