Poet’s Corner:


By Samantha MacDonald


It was harsh,

And the day itself was rough,

The fire came out of no where

Yet, it was to be expected

For the family had been through so many disasters

The single flame was enough to ignite

An entire chain of death

Carried on with just a single breath,

The smoke filled their lungs

They coughed and gasped

But it was too late,

What they had done had finally sealed their fate,

It was an innocent mistake of course

No one wishes to die before their time,

Still, as they say,

The apple never falls too far from the tree

For my father has already wished for his ashes to be thrown out to sea,

One after the other

They dropped,

Soot took up air

And too be honest it just wasn’t fair,

Why has a simple fire

A simple lighter

A simple stream of smoke

Taken all that I love,

I can see where the damage has been done

And let me tell you, the smoke has not won,

For the smoke within our ancestry




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