Post-Khalid Reaction


By: Ally Plezia

Staff Reporter

On March 29, students lined up outside of the Pitt Center waiting to see Khalid perform for this year’s spring concert. For many students, getting to see Khalid live was the highlight of the semester.

“When Sacred Heart announced that Khalid was going to be performing at the next spring concert, I couldn’t believe it,” said sophomore Claire Vreeland. “I wasn’t sure what to expect from such a big star, but I was seriously blown away.” The 21-year-old singer is a five-time Grammy-nominated pop artist. With his hit singles “Location” and “8Teen,” some students were familiar with his music prior to the spring concert.

Many students were pleased with Khalid’s performance and had nothing but positive things to say about the event.

“I really enjoyed Khalid’s concert,” said junior Dom Ferranola. “I thought he was very interactive with the crowd and was amazing live and in-person.”

“Khalid was a really good performer for SHU,” said freshman Simona Bruno. “He brought happy and positive vibes to the whole crowd, and was so into his performance. It was so cool to see him in-person.” For some students, however, the Pitt Center wasn’t the ideal place to hold the spring concert.

“While standing in the middle of the crowd at the Khalid concert, I felt overwhelmed,” said sophomore Bryn Weidel. “It was uncomfortably hot and claustrophobic. However, when Khalid came on, my attention turned right to him and it ended up being a great night. I was so close to the stage.”

“I felt so hot and confined in the middle of the dance floor,” said Vreeland. “It was a great performance, but it was hard to enjoy in the conditions of the atmosphere.”

“I’m so happy I was able to see Khalid live, but the crowd was getting a bit too hectic in the small space,” said Bruno.

Many of the seniors were thrilled about Khalid being the last spring concert they will ever get to attend as students. “I really liked Khalid for my last concert here at Sacred Heart,” said senior Abby Black. “I listen to his music, so I knew a lot of the songs. I went with a big group of my friends and we had a blast.”

Some students weren’t quite familiar with Khalid and his music, but still made the most of the event.

“I didn’t know any of Khalid’s songs prior to coming to the spring concert,” said junior Chris Kattack. “It was just fun to be with my friends, and see how the student body came together.”

With the positive feedback that came with the performance, there was also some negative feedback about Khalid’s Sacred Heart debut.

“The only thing I did not like about the show was how he just ran off-stage after the last song,” said Ferranola. “He didn’t even say goodbye or thank the crowd for coming out.”

Nonetheless, many students were pleased with the performance, and just happy that the performer showed up.

“Being a sophomore, I have never had the experience of a spring concert before,” said Vreeland. “I’m so happy that Khalid showed up, and even better, showed Sacred Heart a great time. It was such a fun way to spend my Friday night.”


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