Post President’s Gala

BY Shannon Szefinski

Assistant Perspectives Editor

Sacred Heart University kicked off the fall semester with the Ninth Annual President’s Gala. On Friday night, students piled into the William H. Pitt Athletic and Convocation Center for the annual event.

Freshman Amanda Ottomanelli said, “My expectation of the Gala was getting to have an amazing night with the friends that I’ve met so far and this night exceeded this. It was one of my favorite events to start off my freshman year, and I hope we have more events like this in the future.”

Many freshmen did not know what to expect before they attended their first President’s Gala.

“I was expecting the Gala to be just kind of a regular party with dancing and food, but it definitely exceeded my expectations! There were a lot more people there than I thought there would be and it was a really fun atmosphere,” said freshman Eva Cassellius.

 Prior to the event, students lined the halls waiting to secure their tickets into the event.

“DJ Pauly D was absolutely amazing! He really got the crowd involved and there was not one person who looked like they weren’t having a good time,” said sophomore Grace Glennon.

Many students were looking forward to the Gala because of DJ Pauly D’s attendance.

“I didn’t really know what to expect with Pauly D. I never really kept up with him after Jersey Shore ended. However, he did an awesome job and really got the crowd going,” said Studwell.

Although many students were excited to see DJ Pauly D, some felt they were standing around waiting for him for too long.

Ottomanelli said, “Pauly D was awesome.  Although I wish he came on sooner, he was still the highlight of my night.”

Many upperclassmen said that this year’s President’s Gala was the best one to date and no other Gala compared.

Sophomore Brian Ignegno said, “This Gala was so much fun to attend, compared to last year’s Gala I had a much better time. Being able to attend such a great event with a great performer is something I will never forget!”

Having been to the past three President’s Galas, Studwell said, “I expected it to be different than past years and a larger event. SHU really outdid itself this year and went all out.”

Many student’s feel that the President’s Gala is a great way to bring the student body together.

“It was fun to see such a large portion of the student body all in the same place and having fun together,” said Cassellius.

“It’s hard to choose a favorite moment from the night, but it was amazing to see how involved the student body was,” said Glennon.

Overall, students seemed to have a great night.  Not only was the performance by DJ Pauly D beyond expectations, the food was also a hot topic.

When asked what his favorite part of the President’s Gala was, Studwell answered simply, “The fried mac and cheese bites, not to mention the nachos.”

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