She Said: Cable vs. Streaming


By Kelsey Hor

Co-Perspectives Editor

Netflix, Hulu, and Apple TV. In this day and age it seems like everyone is all caught up with the latest shows they’ve been watching on these television streaming platforms. This does raise the question: have streaming shows beat out and become more popular to most people than cable television?

Now personally I have moods where I could go for either streaming shows or cable television. Cable television in some instances can be better than streaming shows. After every episode of a show there is a waiting period until you are able to watch the next show of the season, but at the same time isn’t that the reason why we sometimes watch shows in the first place?

Unfortunately, I also hate waiting for a show to air the next week. However, look on the bright side: sometimes it can be a good thing. As many individuals probably think, if you’re watching a show from cable, you end up being very involved in what you have to look forward to. You wonder and contemplate on what could be leading up to something that as a result may be really good or turn out to be something that could just go down hill from that episode you just watched.

You can even relate to that idea of waiting in your personal life, whether that is the anticipation of wondering if your potential love interest is going to conquer and end up going well, or you’re going to get the higher-up job you’ve had your eyes on for months or years. That waiting process gets us thinking and engaged in a way that keeps us invested into a show. Thinking can be seen as a great thing.

The anticipation of watching a show from week to week gets people very much excited and thinking. It gets you, as an audience, engaged in a different way to the storyline of a series, as opposed to how you would if you were to be streaming a show.

As from an advertising and marketing standpoint, it brings the show more hype and advertising opportunities for the show’s programming. Every week, as more and more of the season’s shows are progressively being aired, in some cases it also gives the show and advertisers more opportunities to promote their brand in order to boost their ratings and viewers.

On the other hand, streaming shows from whatever television streaming platform you choose as I mentioned earlier is also pretty cool too. It’s such a luxury to watch a show’s season from start to finish and binge watch on something that you really love to do when you absolutely just want have a laidback day or night. Don’t worry I have those days too, everyone does.

On those days binge watching is great. It’s a way that allows for you to be entertained all day without leaving the comfort of you own home.

On rainy or cold days, it is the perfect way to just relax. Having the ability to have the whole show you have been watching at your fingertips without any commercial interruptions is such a pleasure within itself. My one concern that I have that people can disagree with me on is that certain television streaming platforms might not have the show that you are looking for. Streaming shows come and go. The show that you love could be here this month and gone the next month on Netflix, Hulu, or Apple TV. Until a while passes, and then it is back.

Overall,  whatever you choose to watch your shows on, I hope you enjoy the show.


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