She Said: Are You Feeling the Love on Valentine’s Day?


By Giovanna Gatto

Managing Editor – Editorial

Mmhmmmm love is in the air. Or is that smell of overpriced chocolate and pink stained candy? Welcome to Valentine’s Day. The day of the year where expectations are high and spirits are low.

Personally, I am a huge fan of Valentine’s Day for a variety of reasons. It is a 10 day countdown until my birthday (Feb. 24th). All personal cards, gifts, mounds of cash etc. can be delivered to the Spectrum office. Thank you in advance. For the first 12 years of my life all of my birthday parties were V-Day themed and as a result growing up I thought I had two birthdays. Lastly, I picked where I studied abroad based on my obsession with Swiss Chocolate. So chocolate is a very important factor in my love for this love day.

While my passion for Valentine’s Day isn’t based around the traditional standard of love, I still find the gift of compassion very important on this day. Traditionally this commercial holiday is reserved for people with significant others. However, word on the street is that this day has been going through an identity crisis. With the trend of galentine’s day, people are turning away from the traditional standard of love on February 14th. For those who aren’t hip enough to know what galentine’s day is, it is an alternate celebration of this romantic holiday. Instead of going on dates, people are spending time with their friends and enjoying the single lifestyle. This trend is very important to me. While I won’t find myself alone on Valentine’s Day this year, I don’t think the day will be all about my significant other.

Valentine’s Day makes money off people thinking that they need to go above and beyond to find and impress their perfect match. Yet, for me this day is really about showing how much you care for everyone in your life. As a child my heart was filled from all of my birthday parties themed around love. This simplicity is something that I think needs to come back into our culture.

It is easy to hate Valentine’s Day when you are stuck alone or when social media reminds you of everyone who has someone to celebrate with. As a result I developed a plan for anyone who feels that this holiday is overrated. Below is my fool proof guide for how to enjoy this love filled holiday.

Step 1: Call (not text!) everyone who you care about. The trick to this step is making sure that you are fearless. Call old friends, people you have lost touch with, family, etc. By doing this they will not only feel grateful for your call but you will understand they love you too.

Step 2: Eat your favorite food. Now, this may seem silly, but this day is also about self-love. So pamper yourself!

Step 3: Make plans. It is very easy for people to feel left out or lonely on this holiday, but that should not be the case. If all of your friends are busy being in relationships and such (rude of them but whatever) then cuddle up with your favorite movie. There is no reason to be sad on Valentine’s Day. It is a day that is founded on love and the best person to love is yourself!

Step 4: Last but not least, relax. Whether you are in a relationship or rocking the single life, this day should feel like a giant exhale. Take a step back from your busy life and put a hold on everything that makes you so distracted from what really matters.

I hope these tips inspire you to go out and join the love train. As a special note to our frequent readers, I made an extra effort to be mindful of my normal passionate opposition to the he said column. Instead, this week is all about the love.


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