She Said: Summer Vs. Winter Olympics


By Alexa Binkowitz


Right now, we are in the midst of watching some of the world’s greatest athletes battle it out for a few weeks on national television.

I’ve always been a big fan of the Winter Olympics, because it just seems more exciting than the ones that occur in the summer.

Not to offend anyone who likes the Summer Olympics more than the Winter Olympics (@ Anthony) but I really and truly believe that the Winter Olympics are just better overall.

First of all, can we have a pure moment of silence for the knees and limbs of the mogul skiers? For the people who believe in miracles, the fact that these people can stand straight up after going over those snow hills like that is one example of a miracle in this life.

Also, I can’t be the only person a little tired of watching Michael Phelps win every single swim race known to man during the summer games.

At least there’s a little more diversity in the Winter Olympics, like the insane luge event that seems like it takes no skill but it certainly must, or the bizarre skiing event where they have to shoot a target and then race on a few mile course. I didn’t even know that was a real thing until these Olympics.

It’s also just one big adrenaline rush. Will that mogul skier break his legs off? Will Adam Rippon slay everyone with his absolutely stunning triple axle and then send out a sassy Tweet about it later? Will Chloe Kim continue to be more successful than me at the ripe age of 17? Probably.

I also find absolutely nothing more thrilling than watching figure skating. As a retired (quite amateur) ice hockey player, I still cannot understand how they do all those jumps and twirls like it’s just a normal day at the free-skate.

Even in all my padding and equipment back in the day, I could barely skate in circles, so I greatly appreciate these athletes’ skills on ice.

Speaking of ice, if curling doesn’t make you want to viciously sweep a can of tuna across your floor as fast as you can then what are you here for?

Not that this has anything to do with the games themselves, but I am also a little biased because I, as a person, cannot stand the summer or the heat.

So by the transitive property, I automatically dislike most things that come along with the summer.

I can also remember one occasion during the last Winter Olympic games that took place in 2014 in Sochi. I was so inspired by the halfpipe and freestyle snowboarding competitions that I convinced myself to give snowboarding a try myself.

In short, it was a catastrophic and embarrassing event, since I could barely stand up and fell right off of every ski lift at the dismount and had to use tree branches to help me stand up.

I couldn’t stand for days and I had bruises basically everywhere, but at least I could check snowboarding off my bucket list. This failure also made me appreciate the winter athletes a little more as well.

I also learned that I am certainly not the next Shawn White, and I will not be chosen for Team USA anytime soon. So that was a bit of a bummer, yet a good life lesson.

So in short, I’ll always be a fan of the Winter Olympics, partially because I now know that I will most definitely always be a spectator and not a participant.



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