He Said: Weddings: Too Much or Too Little?


By Anthony Santino

Perspectives Editor

This will undoubtedly sound like a ‘chick’ thing to my guy friends, but since we’re doing this topic this week, I’ve got to admit it: I think about what I want my wedding to be like quite often.

The first barrage of thoughts that come to mind when I daydream about it includes the details of what kind of food we’re going to have (the most important part for sure), what’s going to be on the playlist, what kind of setting we’re going to have the reception take place in, etc.

Before I get into the fun part, the reception, I’ll go over how I want to get there.

Personally, I’m not a fan of public proposals. I’d rather propose in an intimate setting, probably after a fun, laid back date night that includes a good dinner out somewhere and maybe a concert or stand-up comedy show.

It might go down way different than that, but that’s how I see myself approaching it at this point.

As for the wedding, I’m down to have a priest be the marriage officiant. However, I’d rather have my wedding ceremony outside somewhere in a picturesque setting rather than a church. It would just be nice. In fact, I think I’d like to have it in a garden somewhere. Ivy and trees and flowers would be nice.

Now for the fun part: the wedding reception.

If my finance allows for it, I want to go all out and host it at an upscale beachside venue with a mostly outdoor party space. Of course if I do that I’ll have overhead tenting in case of rain.

And within the tent space, I think I’ll want those bulbous string lights suspended all over the place; they might even be the most important part.

I can drone on about specifics with the venue, but let’s get to the absolute most important part of the whole thing: the food.

First of all, just know that if I have the money to put out an over-the-top impressive spread of food, I’m doing it. I’m talking options—and probably buffet style. I’m talking, truffle risotto, chicken marsala, cheeseburger sliders, multiple kinds of pastas—you name it. I can’t even begin to describe how impressive and well-rounded it’s going to be.

For music, perhaps the second most important part, I’m definitely on board to get a DJ rather than a band.

As for the playlist, I’m confident that it will be the best lineup of songs collected and pushed through speakers on this side of the Hudson River.

Believe that. I’m a proponent of most genres of music, particularly rap, pop, and acoustic pop among others, so there’s going to be a solid variety of tunes floating through the air at the reception.

For a wedding song, I have some ideas now, but I think they might evolve with new music coming out, so I’ll pass on getting into that. No matter what it is, though, I’ll have to come to that decision with my wife anyway.

Just know this: yes, it’s definitely too early for me to know how my wedding is going to go or be planned, but I do know that it’ll be an epic one; perhaps a top 10 wedding of all time.

I want to facilitate the party you’ll never want to leave.


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