She Said: Weddings: Too Much or Too Little?


By Giovanna Gatto

Managing Editor-Editorial

It is the moment that every girl and Anthony dreams of. It is a story that you will tell for the rest of your life. People make videos, take photos, write cards, give toasters and more.

It is your wedding day and all the fixings that lead up to this grand event. While this topic may consequently file me into a gushy romantic category, I think it is important to consider all my options when it comes to weddings.       Before the cat is out of the bag, I will just come out and say it, I have a soft spot for love. For surprise dates, and romantic getaways. My heart is warmed by people who care about one another so much that they would do anything for each other.

However, don’t let this fool you, I am not a fan of romantic movies. I am strictly interested in the real stuff. As a result, my emotions arguably cannot handle proposals. Considering that I have cried in public multiple times having witnessed them, I have standards for when it comes to my own.

Now, I am not trying to sound dramatic, but this moment is important. And as a natural born planner, I have dreamed of the time when I can be surprised. Leading me to a necessary part of my proposal, the surprise.

While, this may be easy for many people, I have a special talent of spoiling surprises. Sometimes on purpose, like when I would search my houses as a kid looking for our Christmas presents. Other times, I have walked into surprise parties at the wrong time or opened mail that gave away big plans.

So, surprising me may be difficult but I promise it can be done. Some things  you might want to keep mind would be as follows:

Don’t propose at a sporting event: It’s cheesy and just not impressive.

Don’t propose at dinner: I have pretty wild emotions so there is little chance I will be able to behave myself in a restaurant.

Avoid concerts, comedy shows and the rest of Anthony suggestions.

As advice to anyone considering proposing to a high maintenance person like myself, do your research. Youtube is a fabulous source for direct examples. My favorite are airport proposals just thought I’d throw that out there, no pressure.

Now proposals are not the only part of the whole wedding experience. There is the ring and most importantly the big day.  However, as a little girl I never dreamed up the type of flowers I wanted or the color of my brides mate dresses.

Even to this day, I don’t have a Pinterest board for my imaginary wedding goals. Instead, I find myself wanting to lean on my significant other for the planning.

As a poet, I find symbolism in everything. So, I want meaning in the day and especially the ring. It does not need to be traditional, it doesn’t even need to be a diamond. Some women, want their rings to be huge and flashy.

Yet, that has no value to me. As a person, I would much rather have something that is unique and beautiful because my significant other felt it represented our relationship.

Now, all of these specific ideas may stress some people but keep in mind that I don’t want white doves or an extensive invite list, only VIP’s are welcomed. Obviously meaning, that Beyonce and my dad will be at the head table.

Yet, this also means there is less to worry about. My wedding does not have to be crazy and a huge event.

In fact, all I really need is my husband, my family and some close friends. Oh and great food, obviously.


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