She Said: Are Kids Too Technologically Involved?


By Eve Papa

Asst. Perspectives Editor and Copy Editor

As debatable as children’s consumption of media is in modern times, there is one indisputable fact: children have access to technology today like never before. And no one knows what to do about this.

I do believe that kids sometimes spend too much time on their iPads and not enough time on the swing set, but I honestly can’t blame them.

Who wants to go outdoors and breathe in pollen and get all sweaty when you can watch Netflix and play Angry Birds?

I for one was never very interested in the physical activity or interacting with the natural environment around me as a child. This is probably the reason that my role in the world is now as a writer, but that’s neither here nor there.

Really what I’m saying is that technology is fun. And not only is it fun, but it’s also incredibly resourceful.

One of the wonders of living in our modern society is having a whole universe of information at our fingertips at all times.

Have a question? Google it. Didn’t do the reading for class tomorrow? SparkNotes it. Having an argument with your friends about what the best Vine is? YoutTube it. Feeling sick and want to confirm that you’re dying? Web MD it.

The main concern of modern consumption of technology by children, in my opinion, is that we as adults have to teach them how to use it correctly.

Children need to be taught by the parents who hand them the iPads and the teachers who place them in front of the computer that technology needs to be used to their intellectual benefit.

Children are sponges, and they are also conveniently the future of our world. This is all the more reason to make sure that they’re being educated properly in accordance with the modern entities that exist around them. Kids have the capability of using the technology at their disposal to become the brightest mathematicians, the most innovative researchers, the craftiest writers, and the most inspiring leaders of their generation.

Adults need to emphasize this and bring to light the importance of using technology to become smarter, not less intelligent.

I’m not a parent, but I can tell from observation that it’s so much easier to stick kids in front of the TV than it is to entertain them and try to control their energy. And although some critics might see this as a cop out, they have to consider where parents are coming from. Most parents are incredibly busy people, and the fact alone of having a child automatically makes life pretty stressful and jam-packed.

If kids like watching TV, and their parents need a break, then what’s the issue? My parents did this every now and then, and I turned out okay. For the most part.

Parenting seems tough, and I know that I’m not in any position to criticize these people for trying their best to raise their children.

I know for a fact that I couldn’t live a day in the life of a modern parent without losing it. These people have patience. And when the patience is dwindling, I think it’s okay for the technology to come in – so long as it’s being used mindfully.



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