She Said: Springing into Spring


By Eve Papa

Asst. Perspectives Editor

Spring is a very lovely time of year. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the flowers are blooming. Everyone is coming out of hibernation in the dorms and hitting up the quad to study outside and play Frisbee. Campus actually looks the way it did in the classic college brochure! Excitement is in the air, and the weather affirms it.

Well… at least this is supposed to be the case.

In reality, the spring we experience every year here in New England is not the ideal version that we all expect. While winter is supposed to pretty much be over by the end of February or beginning of March, here in Connecticut we get our biggest snowstorms at the end of March.

Winter really loves to overstay its visit around here.

Each and every year, the cold feels nearly impossible to shake, and winter ends up being our longest season.

And don’t try to tell me that here in the northeast we have the four seasons – cause I don’t buy that nonsense. Connecticut knows only two seasons: winter and August. That’s it.

The weather never seems to be mild; it always has to be either one extreme or the other.

Once winter finally ends, the weather does not know what it’s doing or who it wants to be. And we – as the innocent victims of weather’s wrath – are stuck in a strange place of not knowing what to expect.

And worse: not knowing what to wear.

Slowly and hopefully soon, we will be approaching the point where the weather is “warm.” And the problem then comes of figuring out how to dress.

Dead-of-winter-wear is easy enough: layer up and keep warm. August-wear is easy too: dress light and stay cool. Simple.

But what about spring? If you dress too heavily, you’ll be comfortable in the morning but sweating up a storm by the end of the day.

And if you dress too lightly, you’ll be freezing for a majority of the day, and then receive just a little satisfaction once the weather hits its high for the day.

Aside from this question on how to dress, there’s also a particular issue that strikes a chord with me personally.


As a mere English major, I don’t exactly know all the science details of flowers or pollen or anything. But I do know that once the weather gets just a little nice, I get red, itchy eyes and a runny nose, and I am burdened with uncontrollable sneezing.

So I’m really not a big fan of winter, spring or whatever rubbish we get handed in-between. I can and will complain about the odd change in seasons up until the day the forecast hits 90.

I will forever stand by the season of August, but until then I – like everyone else – am forced to adapt to the changes as best as possible. And if anyone has any ideas for how to cope with the impossible-to-understand weather or is a science major who understands pollen, you can send your thoughts to Thank you in advance for your care in the matter.


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