She Said: What Do You Take on a Deserted Island?


By Eve Papa

Asst. Perspectives Editor

I think the best way to start off this “she said” is with a disclaimer about how I feel about these desert island questions: they’re not taken seriously enough. When asked these hypothetical questions, so many people will scoff at the exaggeration of the potential situation.

But what they don’t realize or forget to acknowledge is that we live in a world where anything is possible. I personally live my life with the mentality that absolutely anything could happen at any time – that way there are never any surprises.

So when I am asked a question like this, you know I’m ready to pack up my favorites and head on over to the nearest deserted island. So with that, I believe it’s time to embark on what just might be the journey of a lifetime…

For starters, my food choice is going to be a combination of both my favorite dish and the tropical setting in which I am hypothetically being placed. My favorite food is pizza, and the setting is Hawaii (my deserted island is in Hawaii. Don’t ask any questions).

I’m bringing Hawaiian pizza.

For those of you who don’t know what Hawaiian pizza is: it’s essentially God’s gift to Earth. I understand that this may be a controversial statement, given that putting pineapple and ham on pizza isn’t exactly traditional.

But I personally believe that it is a beautiful and amazing culinary creation, and it will be treated with nothing but respect on my deserted island.

So naturally, the next question would be: what form of entertainment do I indulge in while eating my Hawaiian pizza on my desert island?

My favorite form of entertainment is and always has been movies, and they’re just what I enjoy watching the most. And if I had to pick any movie to watch during my time surviving in nature, I’d have to go with a practical choice of “Cast Away.”

I can ensure you that as I’m battling nature throughout my journey on my desert island, I’m going to need Tom Hanks and Wilson to teach me a thing or two about survival.

Last but not least is the person I choose to bring to my deserted island. This is a crucial choice because this person I pick will be the living, breathing human with whom I have to survive on this island for what just might be the rest of our lives.

Without any hesitation, I would bring Santa Claus with me. Why? Because he can give me anything I want. And the first thing I’m asking for is a TV to watch “Cast Away” on.

He can also give me anything else I ask for, including more food, more movies, or actual survival tools that I might need. And that covers all my bases on practicality.

Some might call me a cheat for picking Santa Claus, but I think it’s perfectly valid. In fact, I think this leads me back to my original statement: anything is possible in this world. So why would Santa be an exception?

Also, Santa Claus is totally real anyway, so it’s fine.

Well folks, if I ever go missing, chances are I’m catching some rays with Santa Claus, watching “Cast Away” and eating Hawaiian pizza. You can find us at the nearest Hawaiian island that is also deserted. In fact, don’t bother looking for us. We’re chilling and having a good time, and Giovanna can just take over the “she said’s” for the rest of the semester.


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