Southwest Airlines: Bringing Live Music to the Sky


By Lianna Grillo

Staff Reporter

According to Billboard, Warner Music Nashville announced that they are teaming up with Southwest Airlines to produce an array of promotions that will bring music into the sky.

These pop-up shows involve a singer or band playing a few spontaneous songs that passengers on the plane can listen to while eating their airplane snacks.     According to Vogue, these pop-up shows have been going on since 2011 but now has the official name “Live at 35”.

“On my 26 hour flight to Australia, I took Benadryl and just wanted to go to sleep to make time go faster,” said senior Gabrielle Sapienza, who studied abroad in Australia last semester.

Warner Music Group is an American worldwide entertainment and record label headquartered in New York City. It is one of the “big three” recording companies and the third main company in the global music industry.

New Yorkers are similarly familiar with the concept of hearing music during their commute to work or simply just being in the subway.

On a recent flight from Nashville to Philadelphia, Devin Dawson performed his single “All Of Me”. However, according to Thriller, he may have interrupted a few naps during the flight.

“I would absolutely hate live music on a plane,” said Sapienza. “I really just like to sleep and that would really interrupt my sleep.”

Sacred Heart students are finding it hard to believe that live music on an airplane is actually going to happen. Many feel that concerts are places you should be able to dance and make memories with the people you are closest with. Some students feel an airplane is the wrong venue for such activities.

“If there were live music on my flight I would really not like that, but I would still dance to it to make it somewhat fun, ” said senior Stephanie Miller.

“When I’m on a long plane ride, I usually like to sit by the window and look out at the clouds,” said Miller. “They are peaceful to look at.”

Southwest states that only certain lucky flights will be having these pop-up concerts. They will not be on every single Southwest flight.

“On long flights I bring my pillow on the plane and just want to go to sleep, so I would not enjoy live music,” said senior Lauren Schafer.

“Little kids behind me are usually kicking the back of my seat, now with music on a flight I am not sure how flying could get any worse, “ said Miller.

According to the website Genius, singer and musician Devin Dawson states that he is just looking to bring a smile to peoples’ faces on flights. He hopes it’s a cool surprise for the passengers and makes them forget about their everyday stresses by just playing a few songs.

“I don’t really think being squished against a window crowded next to strangers is the best place for a concert to be taking place, “ said Sapienza.

“I do not sleep on planes whatsoever, I usually watch movies on my laptop because I have nothing else to do,” said senior Cecilia Martinez. “I would definitely not like live music on my flight though.”


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