Student Eating Habits in the Dorms and Beyond


By: Dominic Daniele

Staff Reporter

For some college students, the most difficult question seems to be “what do I want to eat?”

Students have their reasons for making food on their own time or getting food on campus. There are factors that play into the decision, being the quickness of the meal or the desire to eat high quality prepared foods.

Sometimes the five packages of Eggos waffles in the freezer just aren’t enough. Students want to eat more, but not have empty pockets mid-semester.

“I think some of the food items on campus are overpriced,” said junior Scott Norton. “At Linda’s, you pay five bucks for a chicken sandwich. You can get more with five bucks when you go to the store and buy groceries.”

Sacred Heart University has two main food options on campus, being Linda’s and 63s. Some students would prefer getting meals on campus because they don’t want to take the time to cook on their own. A student that prefers eating on campus is junior James Morello.

“I like getting food at places like Linda’s because some food items are made very quickly,” said Morello. “I usually get a burger which takes about three or four minutes for the cooks to make, or even the chicken tenders that are basically already made when you order them.”

Junior Paul Lombardi thinks that the same old food options offered at these facilities get tiring after a while.

“During my freshman year, I would go to Linda’s a lot when I wanted to get something to eat,” said Lombardi. “I would usually get the same thing over and over again and at one point I was tired of it. I then started to make quick frozen meals on my own, which was better since I didn’t get the same thing to eat every day.”

The popular social media page called ‘Tasty’, which posts videos on how to make certain meals, posted a video about how a college student can make quick and easy meals by just using the microwave.

The meals aren’t just packages of frozen food being warmed-up in a microwave. One of the many recipes is for a three minute-made “mug omelette,” which is made with just eggs, cut-up celery, tomatoes, and ham stirred up into a cup.

“I have seen ‘Tasty’ videos a lot on social media, but I have never seen the one about dorm cooking until you mentioned it to me,” said Morello. “I really liked the idea of the mug omelette because I make eggs all of the time since they’re so easy to make. I am definitely going to try making that omelette at some point.”

Although it may seem like a hassle to go to the grocery store and buy the food and ingredients that one needs, Sacred Heart University is very close to the Westfield Trumbull Mall, which has stores such as Target where students can purchase grocery items. There is even a shuttle route that takes students to the mall directly.

“It’s great that the school is so close to the mall because whenever I’m low on certain foods I just hop onto the shuttle and get there in about 5 minutes or so,” said junior Curtis Topper. “I like to buy certain frozen foods and vegetables in bulk because I can make more meals for myself in the long run rather than going to Linda’s every day and spending ten dollars or more in declining dollars.”


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