Do Students Attend SET Events?


By Max Mazurczak

Staff Reporter

As part of the college experience, students have the option of attending on-campus events as a change of pace from their regular routines.

At Sacred Heart University, the Student Events Team (SET) is tasked with organizing such activities.

“I would rather like it if [they]had more trips to surrounding areas or even overnight trips to activities that pertain to the student’s major,” said senior Phillip Zeller. “That would be cool. Maybe even trips that could help a student advance in their careers by attending nearby career fairs. Or how about activities that help bring the University community closer, say a movie night or campus faculty and student concert?”

Many of the activities that SET offers are free or at a discounted price, and are also located on the main campus, like the sold-out Josh Peck comedy show, Fall Fest and Spring Fest, and the Spring concerts.

“Sacred Heart provides many opportunities for students who live on and off campus to get involved,” said junior Bri Zensky. “I myself have participated in some of these events and trips such as spring concerts, and comedy events in the Edgerton. When I was a freshman, these events really helped me enjoy my time at Sacred Heart with other students and friends as well as explore the area since I am from New Jersey.

However, students who commute to campus or do not live in on-campus housing may find attending SET events a little difficult.

“As a junior living off-campus, I find that school activities/trips do not appeal to me as much as they did when I was living on campus,” said junior Lilly Bolton. “I think people would like to see more discounts or trips to concerts, sporting events, or shops that would keep students interested and involved with the [the Student Events Team].”

Though SET does sponsor may events on campus such as comedians, DIY crafts, and concerts, The Student Union is the department that specializes in Shuttle Trips and the shuttle service and also oversees the Campus Concierge.

SET will continue to host and sponsor these free and discounted activities and events throughout the year.

For more information on student trips and events organized by the Student Events Team, visit their pages under the “Campus Life” tab at, or contact Sara Helfrich at


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