The Bachelor: The Final Rose


By Rieanna Flores
Staff Reporter

“The Bachelor” finale aired over the course of not one night, but two. Some students say that Bachelor Peter Weber, also known as “Pilot Pete,” came out of this season with new obstacles to face.

Weber faced the decision of proposing to one of two remaining contestants after eliminating 28 others. The two contestants remaining were Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewitt. Weber proposed to Sluss, only to break off their engagement and rekindle his connection with Prewitt.

“Honestly there was no ‘winner.’ I guess Madison technically ‘won,’ but the amount of trouble they’re gonna go through together isn’t even worth it in my opinion,” said sophomore Ava Fabian.

According to The New York Post, “Peter Weber ended his season as ‘The Bachelor’ not engaged to anyone, but casually dating one of his contestants, Madison Prewett, much to his family’s disappointment.”

During the finale, Peter’s mother, Barbara Weber, was not in favor of Prewett, and openly expressed that towards her. Some students expressed how they felt about this.

“I don’t think Peter’s mom should have that much control and be so rude towards the girls and her son. I think his mom should let him do whatever he wants; it should be Peter’s decision,” said junior Milly Delaney.

Other students also said that Weber’s mother came off as disrespectful towards Prewett, but they feel she was fully capable of handling it.

“Madison is the most sincere person on the show and knows what’s best for Peter; she also handled hate from his mom well, which shows her character and the type of person she is,” said junior Alexa Leon.

Some students felt bad for the other contestant, Sluss.

“I think Peter should not have proposed to Hannah Ann if he was still in love with Madison because at the end of the day he was being selfish,” said freshman Haley Gasson.

Fabian shares a similar viewpoint with Gasson.

“The final rose ceremony was cruel. He didn’t want to give Hannah Ann that rose. I feel like he only gave it to her because it was his last option. Maybe he felt pressured into having to give a rose, but he should have spared her feelings and just not given out a rose,” said Fabian.

Leon too believes Weber’s proposal was more based on Sluss being his other option rather than her being someone he genuinely wanted to be with.

“If he really loved her, he would’ve told Hannah Ann that Madison left,” said Leon. 

Other students were not surprised by how it ended.

Junior Kaitlin Lagase says that she expected this season’s ending based on its similarities to other seasons.

“This season wasn’t as good as the other ones because even though there was drama provoked by Peter, it was petty drama. This season just made me mad because of all the worthless crying, especially with Barbara,” said Lagase.


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